Another concert double header

Last night I warmed some baked ziti Jill had made earlier in the week so we could eat quickly after she got off work, then headed over to the Barns at Wolf Trap. We did not get there early enough to see all of Lucy Wainwright Roche, but we caught several songs, then got to chat with Shelly and the Jewells (Stuart and Olivia) at intermission.

Robbie Schaefer was playing his first solo headlining gig, and for the third time in a year we saw him joined by John Jennings on stage, along with Danny Schwartz who was a talented multi-instrumentalist. Robbie played a number of tracks off his recent album, as well as some brand new ones (I’m particularly fond of “No More Words And No More Goodbyes”). I ducked out at the encore break (Jill was getting a ride home with the Jewells) and made the quick drive over to the State Theatre (less than fifteen minutes).

The Nervous Cabaret had opened, but I missed them, Amanda Palmer was performing solo when I walked in. She soon brought them up, and they played some of her solo songs, some Dresden Dolls songs, and the highlight of the evening: a cover of The Ting Tings “That’s Not My Name”: