eddie from ohio at the Rams Head Tavern


One great anecdote: When Mike was doing the banter on “Doin’ Time Under The Lifeguard Stand”, he was talking about being an adult and having the goggles on underwater, seeing the women of 1109 (still don’t know what that means), seeing Robbie (because he never forgets a wax job), then Robbie blew the whistle, usually the signal for Mike to start the chorus. Mike replied that now wasn’t a good time unless he wanted a sundial under the stand. This had everyone in hysterics, until Eddie topped it by saying “I didn’t know it was daylight savings time”, which made Robbie laugh so hard he was leaning his head against the wall.

Also, Robbie was dumbfounded by Shelly’s cake. Excellent job, Shelly (I’ll let her tell the whole story, though).

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More eddie from ohio cruise stuff

Setlist Saturday
Setlist Sunday

After “Sunday Unplugged On The Cruise With The Edheads” during Sunday’s show, Robbie had Jim Raimo come up to demonstrate his dedication by showing his tattoo (the cover of Portable EFO show).

Some more things about the Saturday show:
– -before The New James Bond, Julie took a couple of minutes to remember the lyrics
– -Eddie has a new kit
– -at the end of Great Day, when Robbie, Julie and Mike were raising their hands, the waiter delivered beers, causing a huge grin to appear on Mike’s face
– -during The Three Fine Daughters Of Farmer Brown, we had premature Joe; he started to come up in the wrong verse
– -after Mike announced his Sign and Sail number was 4061, everyone started chanting the number, and he tried to “correct” himself, saying it was 1064 instead
– -Mike showed off Robbie’s new cornrows

[Originally published through the edheads email list]