On Tuesday the 2nd Nina had fun at school making guacamole. Saturday we went to Joe Gibbs’ Youth for Tomorrow for the first cheer performance of the season. Nina had sun with the rides, and we got concert #41: Wesley Spangler, because sometimes you go to a festival and run across a decent country act. That night was concert #42: Shag at the Recording Industry Association of America for my 30th high school reunion. Decent covers and voice, and appropriate for a reunion (where it was good to catch up with folks).

Nina Kerry

Monday the 8th we took Nina to Cox Farms for the Fall Festival, where we met up with one friend and found some neighbors. Weird to be there when it’s blazing hot and walk out with pumpkins. The next day I went down a rabbit hole I had no idea existed with this very long read. Wednesday was Walk/Bike to School Day, and the only time besides the 1st day of school we’ve walked to school so far this year.

Jill Nina Kerry

Thursday I posted this video. Watch the bottom right corner for Jill, Jolene, and a special guest enjoying her first Herndon Festival. Friday was concert (show) #43: Mystery Science Theater 3000 at Lisner. Good to see Jonah and Joel together, and they picked an excellently terrible movie to riff on. Afterwards we had dinner at Burger, Tap & Shake, so good.

Kerry Jill

Wednesday the 17th I found out that Joe Satriani and Dave Mustaine (from Megadeth) were at next year’s Experience Hendrix tour and bought tix. Also, I and my fellow fraternity members got called out.


This was a fascinating read Friday on the way to concert #44: Lindsey Buckingham with J.S. Ondora at Warner Theatre. Nice overview of his solo career, with several Mac classics thrown in. And J.S. Ondora is one to watch, great voice. The next night was concert (show) #45: Beetlejuice at The National Theatre. Perfect pre-Halloween timing for a funny musical with some good songs. I predict great things for Sophia Anne Caruso (Lydia). Pre show dinner at upscale Mexican restaurant Poca Madre was fantastic (the cocktails should have been served at the Harry Potter event in September).


Monday was my birthday and we had a nice dinner with some Bonchon chicken, with neighbors over for the homemade carrot cake. Saturday the 27th Nina started her new YouTube channel. Sunday she had a Pep Rally at her gym showing off all the groups and their routines. Later we introduced her to Jill’s favorite holiday movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jill said “verdict: she liked it. Maybe didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it, either!”


Wednesday the 31st was Halloween. Nina was Hermoine Granger again and got to trick or treat with the usual neighborhood bunch.