The morning of Tuesday the 2nd I went over to Lorna and Dave’s house after dropping Nina off to help them bring in some equipment to their new cottage. That night it was the Terraset Talent Show, with Nina’s group going on last and bringing down the house with a dance set to “California Girls”.


Jon Anderson (lead singer of Yes) is 78, but hasn’t lost a step. On Wednesday at Capital One Hall, he sang 3 hours of Yes epics and classics. I think the classic rockers are like the bluesmen – they’re going to perform as long as they can. The Band Geeks were his backing band, led by Blue Öyster Cult’s bassist, and total pros. Thursday we went to see Bright Star at South Lakes High School.

Friday the 5th Jill and Nina left early from school with the Girl Scouts as they spent the weekend at Camp Mayflather. I naturally consoled myself with concerts. I went with Linda to Jammin’ Java on Friday not to see David Cook, but openers Todd Wright & Shane Hines, performing as a duo for the first time ever (short but sweet). Our friend Maria was there as well, and after about 3 songs from David Cook, determined he wasn’t our style and sat out front to listen and chat (and get ice cream from the new nearby Bruster’s).


Saturday I’d been planning for weeks to go to M3 Rock Festival where Extreme was playing. I hadn’t bought tix because I was hoping to get some cheaper ones down front, plus I had to go in 2022 when Extreme pulled out the day before because Gary got Covid. Then they pulled out the day before AGAIN because Nuno tore his ACL playing basketball on the Monsters of Rock cruise that week, and I decided I didn’t care to go if they weren’t there. Luckily, I already had a backup plan: The Natural Lines (the new band from Matt Pond PA) were playing Rams Head On Stage that day, so I drove up to Annapolis to see them and opener The Lighthouse And The Whaler (both bringing some loudness to matinee time). I also had the duck tacos, pretty good. I missed seeing my brother-in-law, but Dad invited me to come over and fix Patricia’s laptop, so I did that and went for a walk with him and Justin. Next I went to College Park to shop for CDs and play pinball before going home.

The Natural Lines

Wednesday the 10th I went out to Leesburg. Jill and Nina were getting pizza at the final PTO meeting, so I went out early enough to eat at the bar at Tarbender’s Lounge (flatbread was tasty) before I left too early as jam band Moogatu had dropped out and dub reggae band Shamans of Sound had stepped in, and I was not a fan. Dopapod redeemed the night with their spacy jams. I wasn’t aware of them until they did a whole night of “Weird Al“ Yankovic cover songs, and I knew I had to check them out. Thursday Jill got a turn at the weeknight out thing as she and Rachel went to Jammin’ Java to see Chris Fairbanks.

Rachel Chris Fairbanks Jill

Friday Nina got her own special night as she had some friends over. I took them over to South Lakes Shopping Center on the boat and they hung out, then came back home while we got takeout from Taco Zocalo. Saturday Nina and went shopping for Mother’s Day after her flute lesson, and Sunday Jill got two books and a flowering plant. She also asked for a family walk, and Nina took her bike and got lost, but did a great job getting back on track and getting to us. She was suffering this week as apparently birch and ash pollen are close enough to dust to activate her asthma.

Kerry Nina

Thursday the 18th I saw this article and loved this quote: “But it’s as unfair to judge Matthews himself by the perceived predilections of his audience as it is to judge David Lynch by the most insufferable dorks at a midnight Inland Empire screening.” Friday Jill and I took a walk after she got home and I grabbed some handheld clippers to clip thorn bushes on our way. There was one plant about 8 feet tall near Nina’s school that bit back – I felt the thorn hit the knuckle. I was at the 9:30 Club later to see The New Pornographers, who I hadn’t seen since 2014, and they were fantastic. I was a little concerned when I got there and looked at my ticket and Neko Case wasn’t part of the band picture, but she and her voice showed up front and center. Saturday Jill was out studying for her license exam, so after Nina’s flute lesson, we went over to Mosaic where I’d reserved a book she wanted at the Barnes and Noble there. She chose lunch at Playa Bowls as well as ice cream from Cold Stone. I did stop at Red Apron for some beer.

Nina Kerry

Sunday Nina got together with the Girl Scouts for a boba tea meetup, then after dinner I drove to the Wharf to see Liam Finn and Crowded House at The Anthem. Liam Finn was funnier that I thought he’d be, looping like Ed Sheeran. Crowded House was fantastic, adding longtime producer Mitchell Froom and both of Neil Finn’s sons has reenergized them and a third of the songs were from their most recent album or brand new songs written on the road, including one that was a debut that night. The funny add on was I’d walked over to South Lakes Safeway with Jill as she had to go to CVS, and during the five minutes I was inside, heard all of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

Thursday the 25th Jill was out early flying to Hartford for Jake’s graduation. Nina had had a vision appointment the day before where she was given reading glasses, and I took her to get them that night (and she needed boba tea, of course). Friday we got takeout from Yu Noodles (Nina was not a fan of either dumpling dish she ordered, but Jill thought her pork and chive dumplings made great leftovers). I thought this is so great in so many ways. R.I.P. Tina. Saturday I had to take Nina for a followup vision exam and barely made it to her flute lesson on time. I took her and her friend Megan to the pool after we got back, then to Monster Mini Golf and Wendy’s (we won our group game of laser tag at Monster Mini Golf).

Megan Nina

Jill flew back Sunday afternoon to a packed Dulles (took us 15 minutes to make it around the circle to get her). That evening, Nina had been asking for her favorite babysitter, and she got her as we got to attend the soft opening of The Atlantis. It’s the new club inside the 9:30 Club meant to invoke the original 9:30 Club. We were curious about opening band venray, but then it turn out their drummer Christopher Peli is the architect behind The Atlantis. They were good, but I’d never seen the legendary go-go band Trouble Funk, and they brought the booty shaking funk. First impression: not exactly like the old club. The poles hardly are in your way, and you can breathe in the bathrooms. The balcony is nice, feels like half the old club, half the new. Owner Seth Hurwitz was at the far end of the balcony overlooking the stage. Afterwards we went out to eat at the nearby 801 for a delicious dinner (I had the steak bites).

Trouble Funk

Monday the 29th was Memorial Day and a bit rainy so we mostly hung out around the house doing chores. Jill requested burgers and dogs for dinner, and Nina requested an early dinner so we could start watching the second part of the second season of Demon Slayer, so they both got their wish. I had been upset with the family of geese sneaking on to our lawn, skipping the fence by going over our neighbor’s flowerbeds. I’d gotten up twice Saturday morning, so over the weekend I planned my revenge, and Tuesday morning they tried it but walked into the place I’d set up my motion sensor water sprayer and on of the parents got sprayed, flew six feet straight up, then landed to usher the goslings back. I laughed so hard. Wednesday the local Girl Scout troops got together at Reston Community Center for a potluck dinner and award ceremony; Nina was happy to hang out with her friends.