Home and football

Friday night neither of us really felt like cooking, so I picked up some Tortilla Factory goodness on the way home, chicken enchiladas for Jill and shredded beef enchiladas for me, as well as some black bean soup. After dinner we didn’t have any mutual TV to watch, so I started watching Changeling while Jill knitted. She was disturbed by the storyline, and horrified after I told her it was based on a true story. After a quick Wikipedia check, she decided she only wanted to watch the end of the movie, so we stopped that and watched Hellboy II instead. Good Friday night movie, she’d never seen the first but you don’t really need to. I never really got into the comics (not a big fan of Mignola’s art), but Guillermo del Toro sure makes nice movies.

Saturday we cleaned before we had a staging lady over to analyze what we need to do to sell the house. I’d had a home inspector over when I was off on Wednesday, and as soon as we get her report we’ll decide what we want to with the time and money we want to spend. Jill went shopping and ran errands in the afternoon while I read and surfed. For dinner I got fancy, served grilled pork chops with a chipotle mustard, roasted asparagus and cranberry glazed butternut squash. The squash was a test run for Thanksgiving and came out well, so that’s a keeper.

After hearing what Sunday’s weather would be like, I’d called Dad on Saturday to see if he wanted to go to the Skins game. I’m not very happy with the owner these days or their performance, but I’m still a die hard fan and Dad and I try to go to at least one game together during the season (I’d previously gone to a game with Jill). Dad called me back shortly before dinner and indicated it was the best date for him, so I hopped on Craigslist and found someone in Ashburn with great seats and a parking pass. I headed over there in the fog, completed the transaction and headed straight home. I’d watched most of Changeling during the day, and we watched the end after that as well as some TV including the first half of SNL (I could have stopped there).

Sunday I headed out, making my train by seconds and arrived right on time. I met dad at Largo and we headed over to FedEx, parking in the Orange Lot. We headed in to our great seats, fifteen rows back from the corner the team comes out from with beers and food (dog for me). The game was great, and we got the win I was hoping for with plenty of action. We left after the last touchdown, and I got back to where I’d parked in Falls Church by 5. I hit my favorite CD shop and stocked up on some 2009 releases in the clearance bin to help me build my annual sampler, then headed home. I grilled a steak and made a salad, then we watched the remake of The Prisoner (I’d made Jill watch the original a few years back, so she remembered it). I liked it, not quite like the original but definitely in the spirit of it (like the new BSG).

Skins vs. Broncos