Lucas, don’t let me down!

As was pointed out in a comment, Kevin Smith has raved about Sith. I skimmed it, just like I have all the reviews so far. I don’t want to know any spoilers or plot points though.

Tomorrow night, I’m watching Episodes 1 and 2, then Clone Wars Volumes 1 and 2 straight through (yeah, Jill’s working and I invited friends over). See if they fare any better in HD. I’m psyched for the new movie, hope it can live up to some of the hype.

Beer and food at RFD – what’s better?

Our plans for a week from Thursday (Dogfish Head is a brewpub in Rehobeth Beach which we went to for our second dinner, though we’ve agreed the night after that was our first official date):

Thursday, May 12th One night only

Sam Calagione, author/raconteur/entrepreneur extraordinaire joins us for a four course meal featuring the pairing of his great beers (including vintage WorldWide Stout) with treats from our kitchen.

The menu for the evening ~

Spring Salad
Mesclun mix with mushrooms
Paired with Indian Brown Ale

Mussels in 90 Minute IPA
Paired with 90 minute I P A in cask
(we hope, if we can’t get a cask in time we’ll do 90 minute thru the randall!)

Sliced Duck Breast
With seasonal vegetables
Paired with Raison D’Etre

Cocoa Pete’s Chocolate Rounds
Paired with vintage WorldWide Stout

Sam’s doing a multiple city tour promoting his book(!) “Brewing Up A Business” He’ll speak about his experiences getting Dogfish Head going and the book writing process fersure but he IS our boy Sam after all so who knows what else will happen.

All attendees will receive a FREE copy of the book and a FREE Dogfish Head logo’ed gold rimmed Belgian Tulip glass (wow!)

His agents told me all other venues were charging between $55 and $60 bucks for this event but I’ve been reading his book where he talks about beneficial inefficiency, and whaddaya know. Turns out Dave has been one of them beeninefficients for a long time! Such a DEAL I have for my loyal Brickies!

We’re only charging $45.00 for our tickets! $45.00 gets you four great beers, four delicious courses, a book, a glass, you get to see at least one DVD done by one of my crack staffers and an evening with our buddy Sam! This event is being held in RFD’s back room. Doors open at 6, we never start at 7. Call 202-289-2030 to reserve your tickets NOW!

Post-Impressionist bar crawl

Jill got back from Chicago Thursday. Yesterday, I took the day off and I surprised her by taking her to the the National Gallery of Art to see the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition. A very extensive collection of his art, including many contemporaries (I didn’t know he worked with Van Gogh for two years). We got there around 1PM, and I planned on us spending 2 hours there, and maybe another hour in the museum. Nope, we were out of there by a little after 2 (including going to my favorite spot, the tunnel between the two buildings and the waterfall).

I thought it would be appropriate to go to Cafe Tolouse (with the giant mural of Aristide Bruant on it) in Adams Morgan to get some drinks. We got a cab from the Metro station (’cause we’d just missed a bus) and got there around 3, only to find they didn’t open until 6. We went to Tryst nearby to regroup. We had some beers (I had a Guiness with a shot of espresso) and split a salad.

We decided we’d like to go to the Brickskeller, because even though I’d been there twice, the line was so long I’d given up both times. We took the L2 from 18th Street to Dupont Circle, then walked to the Brick. Jill had an Old Peculier, and I had Heather Grozet Gooseberry Ale. I was going to try the Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale, but Jill had had enough for the moment.

We were hoping to try the new draft bar at the Brick, but it wouldn’t open for another two hours, so we went to their sister place, R.F.D. As usual, we both got a pint of Magic Hat #9, and I enjoyed a raspberry framboise as well. Since we were in Chinatown, we went to Tony Cheng’s Seafood Restaurant for dinner. We’d tried once before to get in (before a show at the MCI Center of course), and had given up and gone downstairs to their Mongolian restaurant. Jill got moo-shu pork and crab wontons, and I had sliced duck and egg drop soup. I was telling Jill before we got our food that I didn’t have a favorite Chinese restaurant, and after we ate, I still didn’t. It wasn’t bad, just not great.

We’d had enough of bars by then (and our feet hurt), so we headed back home – after stopping at Trader Joe’s (milk and miscellaneous) and Target (we’re tent shopping, but still can’t find a good cheap tent I can stand up in).

I love the IMF

No, not the International Monetary Fund – that’s what I thought, too, but it’s the International Music Feed, for now available only on the Dish Network (unless you have one of those dishes the size of a Mini Cooper). What it is, is music, 24/7, like MTV2 used to be. They’ve got the usual suspects, but artists from around the world.

Last night, we read and watched, saw artists from Brazil, Russia and Hungary, in addition to the new videos from Garbage, NIN, and Keane. I think I have a new favorite station.

Ok, one more concert

Michael Penn, still famous for “No Myth” (although he’s had 3 CDs since then) and being Aimee Mann’s husband (and I wish I’d seen them together) plays this Saturday night at Iota in Clarendon.

But more importantly, opening for him is Jim Boggia, from the most beloved 4 Way Street, which will make an evening of fine power pop.