Wednesday the 1st Jill said “Yesterday it may have been ‘It’s gonna be May’ but it will always be this song for me today“. Thursday Sue and Dave came to visit. Nina was out that night for a birthday party sleepover at a friend’s house as she was off the next day, then was out the next night for a Girl Scouts camping trip, so Jill and I walked over to Red’s Table with Sue and Dave. Saturday we were invited by one of Jill’s coworkers to attend the Gold Cup for the first time. It was rainy and cool, but we all dressed up and had a wonderful time. Sue made her potato salad and I made a bottle of Irish Derby. Nina’s trip was supposed to be two nights, but half of the tents leaked during the night and they left early. We had only been at the Gold Cup for an hour, so we told her she could stay with a troop leader until we picked her up. Jill and I had plans to see Matt Nathanson at The Atlantis, but it was oversold and Jill got a bit claustrophobic, so we left. Sunday Jill and Sue went to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

One show at The Atlantis wasn’t enough for me, so I went there 3 more times that week. Jukebox the Ghost was doing a 3 night stand starting Wednesday, playing their first 3 albums, and I very much wanted to go all three nights, and with Sue and Dave there I was able to. Jukebox the Ghost had a pre-show gathering each night to do a meet and greet, hand out posters and do a q&a. I ducked out the first night to put the poster in my car, and grabbed a slice of pizza at Andy’s Pizza before heading back. Andrew Horowitz opened the first night, and I found out he was a former member of Tally Hall, which had some fans in the audience. Jukebox the Ghost was great, Let Live and Let Ghosts is their first album and I remember buying it after they were compared to Ben Folds meets Queen.

The second night I wanted to have dinner with the fam and didn’t want to head down early, so I got there during Hannah Winkler’s opening song. That night Jukebox the Ghost played Everything Under the Sun and played “Keys In The Car” while barely remembering it. I asked the merch guy the previous night to save me a poster and picked it up after the show. The third night was Friday and I headed in early for the meet and greet, remembering to ask them a question about a song they played the first time I saw them (turns out it was never released). I got out for a while to get a burger at the nearby Whitlow’s (having relocated from Clarendon), then back in time to see opener Dan Mills. That was crucial as while Tommy Siegel had appeared with the first two opening acts, Dan Mills is working on a musical about ferrets called The Ferret Show with Ben Thornewill, and they previewed two songs for us. Jukebox the Ghost did Safe Travels that night, and brought a 2 piece string section out for some of the songs. That day Nina went with other chorus members on a trip to Busch Gardens.

Saturday the 11th we went out to visit Dad, meeting him at Ketch 22 as we were running late. We had a lovely lunch, then went back to Dad’s house for a while. We also had to bring air mattresses for Sharon’s upcoming visit. On the way back the Beltway traffic was terrible thanks to a storm and got off to take the Fairfax County Parkway from Springfield, and as the storm stopped saw a great double rainbow. Sunday was Mother’s Day, and we went out for lunch at Amphora. It was so crowded they ended us putting us in the private room, which we last ate in at the night before our wedding (we have pictures that show the rug has changed, but not the pictures on the wall). I was working in the yard later, and got pictures of Dave catching the biggest fish of his trip. He and Sue left the next morning and Jill had kebab leftovers, so I picked up kebabs for dinner for Nina and I at Istanbul Blue.

Friday the 17th I went to see Mary Fahl (former lead singer of the October Project) at Jammin’ Java. I’d been meaning to see her for years, but it hadn’t worked out. In addition to her solo songs, she’s done 2 albums of covers, one a complete cover of The Dark Side of the Moon. The show was great, hit every song I wanted to hear. Sunday Nina was confirmed at her church so we both came to see her. Jill said “We are so very proud of N for making her confirmation today! She attended classes all year and she and her 9 other confirmants committed to becoming members of Emmaus UCC. 11 1/2 years ago she was baptized in this church and we are truly blessed to be part of a loving, accepting, supportive church community.” Monday I picked up a growler of beer and some 4 packs at Caboose.

Tuesday Nina had her last full chorus concert. It started with her Advanced Chorus doing songs, then the Tenor & Bass Chorus and Soprano & Alto Chorus performed, then all the chorus came together. Of course they did a Wicked Medley after their trip to NYC. Friday I said I just don’t understand teen slang. She said “my bathroom is leaking”, but what she meant was “I’ve clogged my toilet and now it’s overflowing”. I also posted the definitive Man vs. Bear article.

Sunday the 26th we went out to Chesapeake Beach. Sharon and her family were down for the Memorial Day weekend. One of Patricia’s daughters was visiting with her husband, and initially they were going to join us for lunch, so I’d grilled a pile of burgers and dogs, and Jill made potato salad. We stopped at Popeyes to get some chicken and coleslaw as well (the Bojangles next door we’d been stopping at for years had recently closed) and Dad had bought some corn. But it was just our side of the family, and we had a big lunch. Everyone but Dad and I went to the beach, and we chatted on the deck while they played in the water. I had thought about seeing them again on Memorial Day, but there were a bunch of storms that day. Nina got to go shopping with a friend for the upcoming concert.

Nina had not participated in the spring musical, but the last show of the year was a Cabaret Showcase and she wanted to join the backstage techs. Her first rehearsals were Wednesday and Thursday that week. Thursday I was also happy that at least one trial comes to an end before the election (and the verdict), and Friday I thought this was a fascinating read. I also got my best score in Rush pinball yet.