Not too much was going on early in the month. The other Dogfish Head Alehouse in the area closed – I didn’t go often, but they always had the best beer. Nina started cookie sales, and I noticed the following in my newsfeed and posted “Wait… Does that mean Iggy Azalea is the new vocalist for Rage Against The Machine?” Friday we had takeout from Dolan Uyghur.


On Saturday the 6th, Jill dropped me off at the Metro. At Union Station I picked up the Cava order I’d made, and was soon enjoying my salad on my first Acela trip to Philadelphia. I’d planned on driving, but the day’s winter storm made me reconsider, and it turned out to be a good. It was a bit slippery in Philly as I walked to Long In the Tooth and scoured their CDs. After I was done, I walked to Suburban Station, where I had to cool my heels for a while as the line only ran once an hour on the weekend. I checked out Classic Game Junkie in Glenside, then went over to Roberts Block where I enjoyed the duck breast and the crème brûlée with bourbon. After my meal, I walked up to the Keswick Theatre where the Rush tribute band YYNOT was hosting Bubba Bash 2024, a fundraiser around Neil Peart’s birthday for Cedars-Sinai.


Ordinarily a cover band is not much of a draw, but the guest artists with them included Jonathan Dinklage (a violin player who was the player on the original version of “Losing It”), Dan Avidan (Ninja Sex Party) and Frank Bello (Anthrax), as well as drummers Ed Toth, Andrés Patrick Forero, Seven Antonopoulos, Jason Bittner and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). It was a wonderful show, and happily I didn’t have to reverse my travel then as my friend Tony was playing in a pinball tournament in NJ and went a bit out of his way on the way back to pick me up. I stayed overnight in his guest room, then the next morning we drove to Delaware to play pinball at the co-op (no tournament this time, thank goodness), then he dropped me off at 2 at the Wilmington train station and made my way home. Jill was under the weather when I got home, so she tapped out and I took nina to her confirmation class at church, then had delicious bibimbap at Maru while I waited.


Monday I had to LOL at this and Tuesday I had to say Nice one, Oakton!

Kerry Lillah

Friday the 12th Nina was home sick. She had a fever and I took her to the CVS Minute Clinic, where I learned she was 96lbs, 5’1″, and strep, flu and Covid negative. Jill got takeout from Santinis on the way home. We had tickets to see Seth Meyers at his 7PM show at the Kennedy Center the next night, and Jill volunteered to stay home. I’d posted about a free ticket on Facebook and posted it for sale on Stubhub with no takers, so I was prepared to eat it. But as I was walking up the ramp to the entrance, a lady asked if I had an extra, so I gave it to her. Good set, even better if you’ve already seen Lobby Baby.

Nina Lillah

Monday was a holiday and would have been a snow day, so we stayed indoors, I cooked Eggs benedict and artichokes, then made a fire. Did the kitten prefer her first taste of snow or seeing her first fire? Neither, she spent most of her day hanging out on a secondhand cat ledge we got that apparently smells like cats. I also saw this video for the first time that’s for fellow Doctor Who fans only: Leela vs the Time War!


Wednesday the 17th Nina’s chorus had a graded, mandatory concert, so we all went over to Langston Hughes to see it. Thursday I finished Season 5 of Fargo and said it is the best since the first one. Good to the last bite. Friday we got an actual snow day. I got to work, Nina slept in, and Jill went over to Walker Nature Center to finally try out her snowshoes.


Saturday I had to say kudos to the editor of The Washington Post’s letters to the editor page for making all the titles song lyrics (gift link). Monday morning Nina had a nightmare and crawled into our bed, followed closely by Lillah. When I realized we had the whole family in the bed for the first time, I tried to take a selfie of all of us, but it turned out crappy.

Nina Kerry Jill Lillah

Juliana Hatfield just released an album covering Electric Light Orchestra late last year and appeared at Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage Friday the 26th to perform, so that was a must for me. She did mostly her own material, but did two ELO covers, as well as songs by The Police and Olivia Newton-John. On the way home, I stopped by the Lost Dog Café and picked up takeout for the family as well as Lera, one of Nina’s friends.

Juliana Hatfield