This week’s show

Tonight at the Barns at Wolf Trap is Da Vinci’s Notebook, with Mike Errico opening. They always put on a great show – both tonight and tomorrow night are sold out with good reason. It’s a shame they’re calling it quits.

Last year at their show there, someone neglected to turn off their cell phone. The guys heard this, stopped in the middle of “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” to jump offstage, find the offender, and grab his cell phone. Then they dialed the most recent call to tell the person at the other end to tell the cell phone owner to turn off his cell phone at shows. I think I got hiccups from laughing so hard that night.


Not like this day wasn’t stressful enough (we’re moving offices, the boss just announced he’s leaving, I just spent the afternoon tracing an extremely tricky bug), but what’s waiting in the email inbox this morning? They want me back in Vancouver for a week – ON MONDAY.

I asked if they was any way we could work remotely; when denied I put that off until I could talk to the big boss. Jill didn’t have a good reason for me not to go, so I reluctantly agreed. I was looking forward to my first week of working in Reston in three years. At least I get to leave Monday morning and come back Friday night due to the late booking.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Dang accuweather

Usually Accuweather is pretty accurate. Not today. Today at 1PM they said there was no rain until 6PM. So at 2:15 I walked from my office in Ballston down to the Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day with my bud Stuart. In addition to getting a free cone, Julie from Eddie From Ohio was supposed to be there scooping to raise money for the Walk to Cure Diabetes (Julie’s son, Corey, was diagnosed with Type 1 last year). Julie wasn’t there, but her husband Greg was. We chatted with him, slipped him some money, then got some cones. I got the Carb Karma Chocolate, their new low carb chocolate. It wasn’t bad, but I think I prefer Breyer’s low carb ice cream. Anyway, we started heading back, and I felt some moisture. Light at first, then heavier until it reached a downpour. I got out of it for a little while, but still was pretty soaked by the time I got back to the office. Next time I’ll bring an umbrella just in case.

Is the weekend over already?

Friday = relaxing. We hung out, made pizza, and watched “Daredevil”. Not a horrible movie, but not that great. Colin Farrell and Jennifer Garner made it worth watching.

Saturday I had to get up early. I’m on the HOA board, and one of the least enjoyable things is our annual architectural review, where we go around to all 190 townhouses and write up what’s wrong with them. We had 8 people show, so we divided up into 2 person teams – my group of houses took about 2 hours. Afterwards, looking at our house, I decided we were going to be dinged for the rust spots on the fencing in front, so after I made myself some eggs benedict, got to painting. It took about an hour and a half, and I had just enough time to make it to Bethesda for my myo appointment. Afterwards, Jill and I had a hamburger and a hot dog each before I headed to my bachelor party and she to her bachelorette party (yes, same couple).

It was billed as an “un” bachelor party, and it was pretty tame. Dave was on antibiotics and couldn’t drink, and Scott was tired from helping his boss move earlier in the day, so I was the only one to consume alcohol. We hung around and talked, went to Fuddrucker’s (where I had another burger) and talked, then went back to Scott’s until he started to babble incoherently, the traditional sign of a successful bachelor party. I was home by midnight; Jill didn’t make it home until 6:30AM, but that’s a story you’ll have to ask her about. 🙂

Sunday we slept in; I slept until noon, Jill got up around 1:30. I didn’t plan on not taking a shower, but that’s how it worked out. I stretched and went rollerblading, then made some eggs. I decided since it was cooler, it’d be a good day to go in the attic and check out the roof problems. Getting to the affected area was a real bitch, crawling over the eaves and insulation between them. And I had to do it twice, to come back with equipment the second time because it was too tight a squeeze to get closer than about 5 feet to the area. I used some extendable walking sticks to test the area and determine the roof had one panel bowing, but it wasn’t in danger of disintegrating. I left the sticks under the panel as a partial support, but I don’t think I’m going to replace the roof right now.

Since I had the ladder out, I replaced some hard to get to lights, then took it out on the deck to touch up the trim. By the time I was done, Jill was back from a chorale fundraiser, and she started cleaning the bathrooms, which was next on my list, so I swept and mopped the front hallway and kitchen. By the time I was done, it was 6PM – time to start cooking the corned beef for dinner. We were both done by 6:30, so we collapsed on the couch and read until 8. I watched the Simpsons in the kitchen, while I deboned the chicken for tonight’s dinner, made patties out of ground beef and turkey, and finally made reubens just in time for “Alias”. I watched “Deadwood” as well, then finished the paper and shipped some packages. I made it to bed by 1, pretty tired although I’d only been up 13 hours.

Is it time to leave yet?

Maybe it was a mistake to eat outside today, because now all I want to do is go back out there. I don’t know what happened to the severe rain that was threatened, and I don’t care. I want to leave.

It’ll be interesting to see what Jill’s like tonight. She worked five nights in a row for the first time ever, but she didn’t appear too worn down when I saw her for a little while this morning. I told her I’d wake her up when I got home. Don’t know what we’ll do yet – it’ll depend on how she feels.

Found out last night there’s weather related damage to the walls on the back facing north. My neighbor on that side got an estimate for $2800 to fix his, can’t wait to get someone over and see how bad it’ll be for me. On the bright side, the extra cash I got from the refi to pay for the timeshare was too much because I didn’t remember the deposit I put down. So I’ll have “extra” money to pay for the repairs. Sigh.

What do you mean it’s not Friday yet?

I dragged the upstairs TV down to the kitchen this week. For nights like last night, where I had shows to watch but food to cook, it worked well. I watched “Smallville”, “West Wing”, “Angel” and “Daily Show” (all were superb – “Smallville” was a major myth episode, “Angel” brought his son back, and “Daily Show” is just ROTFLMAO funny). I made bacon, then a BLT salad for dinner and a BLT sandwich for lunch today. I also made hollaindaise sauce, so I could whip up some eggs benedict this morning when Jill got home from work.

Lunch at work has been very pleasant this week; I’ve been eating in the courtyard in front of my building, where they provide tables and chairs. Partly shaded, not too bothered by street noise, it’s a nice escape. Not that work’s been that bad this week; I’m waiting for bugs, and it’s nice when there aren’t any.

Looks like I may not make it to any shows this week – I have an “un-bachelor” party to go to on Saturday for Scott (I think the “un” means no girls allowed), and Jill’s joining my mom at the Reston Chorale party on Sunday. It’s not like I don’t have anything to do this weekend – I’m dreading going up in the attic to check on the FRT in the roof, which may be damaged. Also, my neighbor down the block found termites, so I need to schedule an inspection… And get the deck washed… And clean the house… And go on an HOA inspection Saturday morning… And go to Bethesda for myo on Saturday.

Okay, that’s too much to think about – I’m going home.