eddie from ohio at Day in the Woods


I have my own theories about the sparse attendance (lack of promotion by Clear Channel, late announcement of the show, etc.), but the important thing to me was what a fantastic show it was. The only people I hadn’t seen before was Keller and Teitur.

We’re About 9 is a good local band, doing some fine harmony vocals. Matt Nathanson has good catchy songs. Dar Williams had her band with her (she was solo at Falcon Ridge), and whipped through a great set – made everyone turn on their cell phones in place of lighters for “Iowa”. Brown Couch is a funky jam band (it was just two of them on Saturday) and did a different take on Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. Keller Williams did a good set, including a cover of efo’s “Very Fine Funeral”, but he can be difficult to get into if you’re not familiar with him. I didn’t think too much of Teitur, not my style.

By the time efo went on, some people that were there for Dar and Keller had left, but the remaining crowd was pretty enthusiastic. The band put a lot of energy into their set; Stuart said you could see a haze on the stage from the sweat. I’ve seen them three Saturdays in a row now (Fredericksburg and Falcon Ridge also), and this was the best show of them all.

[Originally published through the edheads email list]