Weekend recap

Saturday afternoon, Jill’s mom, her two sisters, and her older sister’s three kids (none older than 4) arrived, and they’re here until Labor Day. And Wednesday her older sister’s husband arrives, and Friday her mom’s husband will be here. It’s been a little hectic around here.

Saturday night, Jill and her two sisters came out to Wolf Trap for the Eddie From Ohio show. At one point I had 10 extra tickets, but managed to get rid of all but three by the time we got there. We had 16 people in our little area, and more food and drinks then we could possibly consume (shouts out to Janice’s chicken and aspargus and dip, and Melissa’s seafood). Natalie MacMaster put on an amazing set – she did Irish step dancing while playing a furious solo at the end. Eddie From Ohio was great as usual. Jill and I had 3rd row seats, and spent half the show down there, then back to the nice cool lawn.

Afterwards we congregated at Janice and Stewart’s house (we figured Jill’s younger sister wouldn’t be let in at Carpool) for some more drinking – I broke out my 12 year old distillery reserve bottle of Jameson’s whiskey – very smooth.

Yesterday I slept in ’til noon as I had a wee hangover. Discovered late Saturday the air conditioning unit is leaking, and I mopped that up, then swept up trash outside that the raccoons had gotten into. Everyone else had gone to the water park, so I got a little time to myself. And after they got back, I went with Linda to see the Getaway Car at Jammin’ Java while they did their wedding makeup with my sister. Getaway Car was great as always, though I didn’t care for the Max Fisher Band who opened.

My favorite funny part of the show was “Broke”, when Todd (after forgetting the lyrics for a minute), stopped because he thought someone was mocking him by singing along, but not in time or on pitch. Then he realized it was his voice on delay. Heh.

Clerks sequel

Kevin Smith will film a “Clerks” sequel, entitled “The Passion Of The Clerks”. according to News Askew:
The sequel picks up 10 years later.

“It’s about what happens when that lazy, 20-something malaise lasts into your 30s. Those dudes are kind of still mired, not in that same exact situation, but in a place where it’s time to actually grow up and do something more than just sit around and dissect pop culture and talk about sex,” Smith said during an interview at his Hollywood office. “It’s: What happened to these dudes?”

I guess if “Jersey Girl” got rejected, he’s going back to the beginning.


Last night after we got home from visiting the pastor (yay, we passed our homework, he’ll marry us), Jill was flipping channels and landed on “Witches Of Eastwick”. I asked if she was going to watch it – she said she’d never seen it before. I said “As long as you’re going to watch it, why don’t you start from the beginning, and in Dolby 5.1”, and flipped her the DVD. She started and I grilled some turkey sausages with cilantro I’d picked up from Trader Joe’s earlier, sauted some onions, jalapenos, and sauerkraut to go with them. Some chilled Magic Hat #9 was a perfect accompaniment.

The movie’s a favorite of mine, although it’s best not to eat during the cherry or ttomato scene. It’s a perfect role for Jack Nicholson, and it’s one of Cher’s better roles. Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer are fabulous, and John Williams score is great. S’funny, after the three way, Jill asks “this was written by a man, wasn’t it”. Yep, John Updike, though I haven’t read the book the movie’s based on. One bad thing – the 5.1 mix has the sound f/x so loud, you can barely hear the dialogue sometimes.

On another note, the punchline in this Dork Tower had me ROTFLOL.

Dear Nissan Pavilion

Thank you for not using those weird video effects on the screens last night, but could ya quit it with the zooming in and out and overlaying two shots on each other? You don’t get it – those screens are for those of us who forgot to bring our binoculars, and I just want to see the band. That reminds me – when doing a closeup of a guitarist’s hand, if they aren’t picking, I don’t want to see it. Show the fretboard only! Grumble.

I got a call on the way there, one of the guys I had contacted about a ticket would meet me there (and sell me a $30 ticket for $20). I got there, but he was late, and I missed 25 minutes of Dream Theater – although I did hear it all, since I was next to the main gate.

Dream Theater were as impressive as ever. I thought the setlist was a little questionable (with most of the tracks off the last three albums, two of which were concept albums, and none of their hits), but they pulled it off admirably, stitching the songs together.

Yes was good, but I was most impressed by the set, like a Roger Dean painting come to life, all huge inflatable multicolored animals. And Alan White’s drum kit was surrounded by extra drums that lit up, very cool when they staggered the lights. The previous time I’d seen them was with an orchestra at Wolf Trap, and they had no decorations at all. The set was good, especially the acoustic set in the middle.

Here, piggie piggie

I never even heard my alarm Saturday morning and Jill didn’t set hers, luckily she woke up just after 7. We got on the road quickly, made it to BWI just after 8. Parked in the daily lot, definitely preferable if you’re just going for a day. No lines to speak of, we were at the gate with nearly an hour to spare. Flight was on time, and Jill’s sister Melissa picked us up at Hartford with her sons – Jill hadn’t even met the youngest, Tiernan, before. We were at Jill’s mom’s place in Holyoke by noon, and I got a quick shower in. I went with Jill’s stepdad, Dave, on an alcohol run, and by the time I got back, Chris, (my best friend and best man) was there. We waited out the worst of the rain, then went to visit Chris’ dad and stepmum in Southwick, had a nice proper British tea (with biscuits, even).

By the time we returned, the party had started, but not too many people had showed. This party was for the family and friends that couldn’t come down here for the wedding for whatever reason. Jill’s mom and Dave went all out, with piles of food, including a full pig roast. It was a long party, 3 to 11PM, and I met (and remet) more people than I can possibly remember, relatives on both sides of Jill’s family. Jill always thinks it’s strange that I can meet people several times and not remember them, but that’s just how it is – my memory’s full of useful information, like the intro music to the first concert I ever went to (Three Stooges theme – 20 years ago). We were wiped out by the end, stuffed full of food and beer.

Sunday, I had pancakes, bacon, and leftover pig, then went off to the Holyoke Mall with Jill and her sisters as they shopped for a dress for Robin and shoes. I ducked into Best Buy first chance I got, caught up with them again at Pizzeria Uno’s when they were done. We left for the airport around 6, with a quick stop t Michaels because the ones down here don’t have a cupcake shell Jill needs. We got to the airport by 7:30, and it was dead – no lines whatsoever. We hit the bar next to our gate and watched some Olympics (women’s beach volleyball – I like what Peter David had to say about it). Our flight was delayed for 40 minutes as the plane arrived late, then we headed home. Of course there was construction on the outer loop causing a huge backup – I ducked around it through Bethesda, getting home around 1AM.

Well, that was dumb

I was all proud of myself last week – we were going away for another Saturday night, but I was up late Friday and did a big (40 item) auction. What I didn’t grasp was that a week later, I’d have to package the winners and send out invoices, which is what I just finished. Not bad, except I need to get up in 3 and a half hours so we can get out the door by 7 to make BWI by 8. I’m gonna be hurting tomorrow – oh well. I need to get a real job – I think I’d spend less time on the computer.

Off the grid

Yes, I have had no web site or email for 3 days now, but I’m back. This is the official explanation:

Dear Authentic-Hosting Clients,

In the past couple of days, some of you may have experienced a prolonged downtime as a result of an IP address migration as the address has expired. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the delay and inconvenience it may have caused. The migration process has been a difficult one and should complete within 24 hours. Unfortunately, DNS IP address update propagation takes 24-48 hours due to reasons beyond our control or authority. We thank you for bearing with us and assure you that such events rarely occur and once the migration is complete, all should be restored in perfect working order.

Of course they will be no refunds, and no compensation for having the pictures for the 96 auctions I have going this week not showing since the site went down.

Me, I think it had to do with me watching all three Terminator movies this week. Rise of the machines, indeed.

T1 & T2 I’d seen before several times, T2 still holds up as one of the great sf action movies. T3 I hadn’t seen before. I had no great expectations, and they were met. Mostow isn’t Cameron. There were some nice scenes (I particularly liked the return of the shrink from the first two movies), and the action scenes were good, but it didn’t have the snap of the first two. It’s weird watching movies filmed in three different decades, though – let’s you see the progression of special effects.


I saw Aliens Vs. Predator last night. I wasn’t expecting too much, especially with them not screening the movie for critics (always a red flag), but I liked it a lot. Of course, I bought the original comics when they came out (and enjoyed seeing some plot points from the comic in the movie – not sure why they changed an Asian heroine to a black one though). No, it’s not a complex film, but it doesn’t need to be. The CG/real sequences are well done, and the Alien/Predator fights are amazing.

I prepared by watching the new DVD reissue of Predator – well done, that is (and came with a ticket for AVP). There’s a preview of AVP in it, and I found out there’s a hydraulic alien controlled by five puppeteers, no wonder it looked so real. I got in the mood for nice summer action movies, watched Terminator next, may watch T2 tonight (I still haven’t seen T3, but I have it on DVD too). Not in the mood for too much else, as my wrist is acting up again.