Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Highlights

Great topic Stuart. Hey to everyone from the patch (and thanks for saving our tent space, especially Shelly), hope to see some of you on the cruise (or at Merriweather).

> 1. What was your favorite “moment” of FRFF (i.e. the one moment where you felt that the essence of FRFF came to life)?

Late Saturday night at the Bugdiedome. I thought it would be mostly campers (not that Josh wasn’t good, he was), but Cadence Carroll and Russell Wolf could have held their own on the main stage, and they were playing for 20 people without amps.

> 2. What was your favorite song (by any artist) that you already knew when it was played?

eddie from ohio – “Hole Hearted” at Groove, Stomp and Shout. I’m a big Extreme fan, but had never heard them do it, and have wanted to ever since I got a copy of the last Bad Habits show (I lobbied for it on the cruise last year and failed).

> 3. What was your favorite song (by any artist) from the fest that you had not heard before (not necessarily new from the artist – just new to you – However, it may very well be a new song)?

A tie – between Da Vinci’s Notebook – “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament” and Eric Schwartz’s “Who Da Bitch Now?” at Rolling In The Aisles. I think I laughed at both the same.

> 4. What was your favorite performance or workshop?

Fab Four Forever.

> 5. What was your favorite audience participation sing-along?

Dar Williams – “Iowa”.

> 6. What song did you here the most (i.e. repeated on multiple stages possibly by multiple artists across multiple events)?

The Kennedys – “Stand”, Dar Williams – “The Christians and The Pagans”, Annie Wenz & Tracy Grammer/efo – “Come Together”.

[Originally published through the edheads email list]