emmet swimming (Todd Watts) at DC Sessions

You might call it the Todd Watts Band (or half of Smartbomb): Derrick on drums, David Strickland on accordion, Scotty Brotemarkle on bass. The video screen next to the stage said “Next Todd Watt” (maybe they thought he was related to Mike). Todd was in fine form; he said they were the first accordian based boy band and they’d be doing some dance steps and costume changes later. He introduced Scotty as being “well-known in Burke – he used to breakdance outside the Kmart for money”. He also marveled at the DC101 tank and said David was “the accordion king – voted one of the ten best players in Northern Virginia”. He made sure everyone knew the band was back there August 10th and “a few other shows”, and that they had started practicing. It sounded like this lineup had practiced as well – they were great. “Not Enough You” has a rocking finish now with the addition of percussion.

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