The last week and not great news

The big news first. So – disaster. We were supposed to close today but the buyers have to postpone indefinitely. Now that puts the closing of the house we’re planning on buying in jeopardy. We’re looking at what options we have.

Friday night we went out and ate at Jackson’s. The first time we’d been there, we wisely got seats as far away from the bar as possible (bit noisy). I had the roasted chicken salad and Jill had the Steak Frites, both very good. Then we went to see Crooked Still at the Birchmere.

Chatham County Line opened and we saw most of their set, pretty good and impressively using almost choreographed moves to use a single microphone. Crooked Still has a brand new CD and played a bunch of good tunes from it, as well as some of my older faves.

The rest of the weekend was all packing, and we weren’t feeling too bad. But the movers were coming Thursday morning, and we didn’t get too much done Monday and Tuesday night. Wednesday night I started packing hardcore again, and there was so much to do I just never went to bed. When I left Thursday morning Jill had gotten a little sleep after a long shift the day before, but she worked hard all day.

The day started going badly when she lost my phone (she thinks she left it on top of her car). Then moving, supposed to be over at 3, might not be over until 7. The bad thing about that was we had passes to meet Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds before their concert at Constitution Hall that night, and it started at 6. I left work early and handled the home end of cleaning up while Jill went with the movers.

We got everything taken care of, and were ready to leave Herndon at 6, but that’s when we found out closing was off. Of course traffic was terrible, and we didn’t get to Constitution Hall until after 7 and the meet and greet was over.

But that was then end of the crappy part of the day. The duo show was the best of the five I’ve seen them do, and we had fourth row seats for every strange facial expression Dave had. If I had to choose, I would’ve picked the show to attend, mind numbingly amazing.

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

Neither of us had eaten much that day, so we stopped at Amphora on the was home. Jill had the chicken noodle soup and a chicken salad club sandwich, and I had the southwestern Eggs Benedict. We felt we deserved dessert, and she had the rice pudding and I had a slice of carrot cake.

Today Jill picked up Illa from the kennel where we left him yesterday, and they came to work and we met with our agent. Don’t know what’s happening next, stay tuned.

emmet, Mom, ELnoP and a lack of sleep

It’s a been several days of a lot of work and some fun. Saturday I got some work in, then we headed over to Iota to catch emmet swimming‘s first ever “fam­ily show”. The only thing that was especially kid friendly was handing out noisemakers to the kids before “Sunblock” – otherwise it was a nice rock show, with some brand new songs. We wandered around but Jill wanted pizza, so we headed over to the Italian Store. 0 for 2 there (they stop making pizza early), and we ended up at Ray’s Hell Burger for dinner. My burger was the spiciest one I’ve ever had and Jill enjoyed hers.

emmet swimming

Sunday I got a little cleaning and some more work done, then Mom came over and we took her to an early dinner at Amphora. Jill had Chicken Piccata and I had an Italian panini, both tasty. Later I headed over to the Birchmere to catch Keith Emerson and Greg Lake from Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The progressive rock icons played epic songs and put on a self indulgent show that I enjoyed, but it wasn’t for everyone (and made more enjoyable for me since I’d heard an earlier show on the tour). The encore of “Lucky Man” was just incredible, totally worth it.

Keith Emerson and Greg Lake

After I got back Sunday night I started work again. I had a deadline Monday morning, and the more I did, the more I realized there was still to do, so just kept going, and soon it was 6AM. So I just took a shower and had breakfast, then went into work, staying until almost 8. We did reward ourselves for dinner as I picked up Pad Thai (for me) and green curry chicken (for Jill) at Thai Basil, very good. Happily I did get some sleep last night and everything was in better shape today.

House hunting

The weekend was fairly low key, but we kept busy. Friday Jill was interested in going out but I’d worked late and was tired, and quickly grilled some sausages and then we watched TV.

Saturday morning we cleaned up the house as an appraiser was coming by. It didn’t take too long as we don’t have that much stuff out right now, then I ran some errands (shredding papers, book sale, Free Comic Book Day and groceries).

That afternoon we looked at houses at Lake Anne and took a walk around part of the lake. We went to Charlie Chiang’s at Worldgate for dinner – hadn’t been there in a while and they’d remodeled a bit. The food is mostly the same: buffet/Mongolian, always a very filling meal for me.

Later that night we watched Hamlet starring Patrick Stewart and David Tennant – great performances indeed, but I don’t think either of us would really enjoy seeing Shakespeare performed live, it’s as if it’s in a language you barely remember.

Sunday we continued our tour through the Reston lakes. We’d been to Lake Newport a couple weeks back to look at one place, this time we hit Lakes Thoreau and Audubon. One on Lake Thoreau we kinda dismissed immediately, then the idea of it grew on us – we may make an offer on it (it’s 7 miles away from our current house).

In the late afternoon we headed down into our nice cool basement and packed books until we finally ran out of boxes. I never get rid of boxes, and that had worked out pretty well for us, but we’ll have to get more now, at least 5-10 more for the books we have left.

We had Stuart and Olivia over for dinner – Janice was meeting friends. The thought occurred to us that it would be a shame if we didn’t host anyone with the house looking as nice as it does, and they didn’t have plans. I grilled chicken fajitas and the sides while Jill whipped up guacamole, then we had a nice dinner.