The Herndon Festival continued on Saturday the 1st. First I went out in the kayak and helped with annual lake cleanup, then dashed over to the festival to see Wooly & The Mammoth. After nap time, we brought Nina over. She had a very late night, but it was worth it – she had some kettle corn, and we saw The Hunts. I bought her a camp chair, and she even sat in it for a while, then danced her little heart out. She even enjoyed Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern‘s jambalaya (Jill thought it was somewhat spicy). The next day Stuart and I had our annual Irish breakfast at O’Sullivans, then watched the old timey music of The Hot Seats. The day was overcast and rainy last of the Herndon Festival, but I still applied sunscreen. And I still got a sunburned left knee and ankle! Atlanta Rhythm Section wasn’t bad, but they couldn’t finish their set because of heavy rain. Monday I thought Nina is now a spice girl. After she liked the jambalaya, I let her play with the black pepper and she seemed to enjoy it.

Jill Nina

Wednesday the 5th we saw The Pietasters at their annual Lee District Park show (and this time with 2 of my high school classmates). Nina loves her some ska, although she tried to get a little too close to the action at one point. It was a real 90’s music month for us, as then Friday Mom babysat while I met Jill after work at Celebrate Fairfax to see Live and Everclear, and Saturday I went to Jammin’ Java to see Gary Louris (from The Jayhawks). I was thrilled Stephen McCarthy joined him and they played a number of songs from “Rainy Day Music”.


Saturday the 15th I slept in ’til 10, then took Nina to the Home Depot playground and Taste Of Reston. She enjoyed the mac and cheese from Noodles & Co., then had an epic meltdown. Nap helped immensely, and she was good for Mom while we had delicious burgers at Holy Cow and saw emmet swimming at The Birchmere with the Feders (and picked up their first CD in 10 years). Sunday was so busy I never sat down until the kitchen was clean, long after Nina was in bed. Normally I skip church, but Jill needed help with outdoor activities. But the house was mostly cleaned, and we had my dad and his girlfriend over for some surf and turf, and Nina charmed them all over again. Tuesday night I said to Nina “Why are you so much like me?” and decided if I ever start a kids music group, I’m calling it “Chicken & Snot”, based on the substances most found on her face. At bathtime that night she learned to splash – with her feet. I was forced to admit defeat and drain the tub.

Dad Nina

Wednesday the 19th we went to see Rocknoceros in Vienna. Nina ran around and we ate hot dogs that Whole Foods was grilling across the street. Saturday the 22nd we got Nina going early to Clemyjontri so she could have an early nap, because my mom was hosting an afternoon reception for my sister and her husband. Nina was a big hit, and particularly enjoyed banging on Mom’s piano. On the way to Tuesday’s Counting Crows show at Wolf Trap, I wanted to listen to The Grateful Dead to prepare for the next night’s show. But Jill didn’t want to hear them, so it was ironic that the Crows busted out “Friend Of The Devil” midway through.

At Mom's

I didn’t end up going to the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration Wednesday anyway. Nina had a tantrum on the way home from daycare, wasn’t in a good mood after that, and refused to get in the car when it was time to go to Wolf Trap – at least they were only lawn seats. On the bright side, I let her bring a ball in her bath, and when she tried to throw it out, I blocked it and said “No no no, not in my house”. Thursday Jill’s mom was in town, and she, Jill, my Mom, and Nina went to the National Zoo and Nina had a great time (she loved the meerkats).


Saturday the 29th I took Nina to a family safety fair and got her fingerprinted. She enjoyed crawling all over the fire truck and didn’t want to leave. I was going to take her to a playground, but she was already hot and cranky, so we went to Kidz Plaza, a new indoor playground. An excellent choice, as it has moon bounces and a two story slide into a ball pit and she had a great time. Sunday Mom came over and we went over to Wolf Trap for a buffet dinner and saw Straight No Chaser – really good a capella group. Nina’s word of the month was “slide” and she started repeating the alphabet.