Halfway there

Ok, now I’ve closed comments all entries older than 10 days as well. I just discovered 28 comments, all with some variation of this site. People, you’re advertising to the wrong audience – I buy shoes when mine fall apart!

Under construction

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone, but the amount of spam I’ve been getting in comments has been going up at an astronomical rate, and it’s not very fun to sit here and delete them. So I’ve adapted most of the suggestions from this article.

Everything appears to work fine (I can post if this goes up, and I already made a comment), but if you can’t post, email me (and if you don’t have my addy, you shouldn’t be posting here).

Quick note at halftime

Redskins are losing (again).

Still sore.

Throat is a little sore.

Was successful at Best Buy, unsuccessful at Target yesterday.

Good concert Friday, but we we were out late, just stayed in and ate turkey last night.

Day of thanks, day of pain

Thanksgiving was great. Woke up at 12:30, piddled around ’til Jill got up, then we went over to Mom’s. The turkey was done (and falling off the bone), and we helped her and Sharon finish. Except for fixing Mom’s shredder (paper jam), my role was mostly that of eating, which was fine by me. We had the traditional repast (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, rolls). I had some cider, and Jill and I brought two bottles of the Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic. I suspected it was good with turkey and I was right. I love that beer, I’m just bummed it’s only available in the winter sampler (and only two bottles) and only in winter. After dinner was pies: pecan, apple, and pumpkin (we like our pie). I introduced a bit of low carb: cranberry jello earlier, and Edy’s butter pecan for the pie. After the meal, we sat around the fire and chatted and read and looked at photos for a couple hours.

Today: pain. I went for a neurosoma treatment this morning, where she really worked on both arms. Then later on (after a nice turkey sandwich) I attacked the leaves in front and back. 3+ hours later, I’m done and much more sore. That means I can veg tomorrow though.

Rather Excentric

Wow, what a great show. I got caught up on eBay, didn’t make it out the door until 10:50, walked into Jaxx at 11:35. They were halfway through their first song, and I was surprised it was so crowded. No offense to Todd, but I was at the last show at TT’s in 2002, and this was everything that show should have been.

It’s been so long I saw Dean and Dan play, I’d forgotten how much they brought to the Excentrics. The treat was seeing both Dan and Matt up on stage together. Spy and Dean looked the same, Dan was the only one I didn’t recognize – he’s shaved his head.

Great set (although no “Lana” or “Six and the Seven Seas”). I liked it when Todd said it was going so well they’d have another Kiss tribute, the band spontaneously broke into “God Of Thunder”. Unhearsed, but fantastic. As much as I love the new TGC songs, I was happy to hear all the old songs at least once more (and I second the idea of having another reunion show at some point). One song I think that should make the leap to TGC is “Christmas”. It was never released as an Excentrics song, and deserves to be heard again.

Early ’90s nostalgia night

As I set up an eBay auction for Poison Elves, an early ’90s goth elf comic book (it wasn’t bad, I just don’t want them any more).

And I’m listening to the (mostly) early ’90s Excentrics, the lead singer and last guitarist of are now in The Getaway Car. I’m going to see their reunion tonight at Jaxx. It’s the regular bs at Jaxx, as they won’t be hitting the stage until 11:30. Good thing I don’t have to be at Mom’s until 4PM tomorrow.

Good music (which they’re still doing in Getaway Car). I was looking around for a hyperlink for them (this is nice) and I noticed excentrics.com was one of the results. It wasn’t real, but I clicked on the link “excentrics.com is for sale!” and found this:

“Request Price for excentrics.com

We will only respond to serious requests that are complete and accurate. Any submissions with false or unverifiable information will be deleted.

The quoted price will be at least $688 and may be over $10,000. Due to high demand and decreasing availability, the prices of Premium Domains are rising weekly.”

$10,000 for a early ’90s band no one’s heard of? I like them, but that’s a chunk of change. At least the cover’s only $10 tonight.

Solid food

Feeling better today, although I was up for an hour last night – I woke up in a coughing fit, and every time I tried to go back to sleep, would keep coughing. Anyway, I finished off the last of the chili tonight, finished off the ham and red bean soup I made over the weekend last night, and am ready for solid food again. Starting tomorrow, that is – there’s some lime jello with my name on it now.

It’s weird not eating solid food for a week – puts me off me game, it does. I think I’ll have cereal in the morning (instead of oatmeal), see how it goes. V.v important not to miss the feast at Mom’s on Thursday – I’ll take it slow ’til then.

Mixed feelings

While I’m happy with my Treo 600, I was a little bummed that they announced the 650 a week after I got it. Until I saw this.

BTW, my Treo kicks ass. I dumped almost all my old programs, mostly because they were monochrome (my Kyocera wasn’t color). That forced me to find new versions of games (I like Bejeweled even more in color), and cool new programs. There’s even one that exploits the built in camera on the Treo to make videos. Something’s wrong with the export, though, it’s really choppy video – I’m trying to work with the developers. I got a 1GB SD card so I can fill it up with mp3s if I want, too.

Sore today

So i’ve done a variety of body work since I got the multiple repetive stress injuries in 1998 that eventully ended up in a diagnosis of fibromyalgia: massage, acupucture, chiropractic, and myotherapy. But the injuries to my wrists this summer just haven’t healed, so on the recommendation of Connie from Therapeutic Massage, I decided to try Neurosoma. Tamsin was very nice, and the first session went ok.

I had my second session yesterday. She worked from my neck to my back for 45 minutes, and my right arm from elbow to hand for another 40. I have never been so sore in my life. Last week’s soreness was over in three days – I’m hoping for four days max now. Luckily I’m only facing a three day workweek (my new company has the day after Thanksgiving as a paid holiday – is that cool or what?).

Chili dreams

Today I went to work. I wasn’t 100%, but my throat was better – mostly runny nose and coughing. But I wanted to participate in the chili cookoff, and had spent time last night making a batch of what I imaginatively titled “Cleaning out the pantry chili”. It was true – no more meat, beans, tomatoes, onions, or broth are left in my kitchen. I didn’t make the top three, but trying the other nine varieties cleared up my throat wonderfully. The effect only lasted a couple hours, but it was worth coming in for. Hopefully all symptoms will be gone by Monday (I’d prefer tomorrow, but that seems presumptuous).

Tonight I caught up on newspapers, then watched “Dreamcatcher”. This is the first Stephen King movie I’ve watched where I haven’t read the book (I was very disappointed “Hearts In Atlantis” wasn’t as good as the book), so I was curious, especially given the not so good reviews. Morgan Freeman’s eyebrows are a character in their own right. Not a bad movie, although it whiplashes around as it can’t make up it’s mind about what kind of movie it’s going to be until the second half. I give it a B-.