We started the month by getting our weekly takeout from Yaki Sushi on Friday the 1st. Nina had been attending a confirmation class through her church, and on Saturday, was scheduled to attend an overnight retreat with the rest of her class at a camp near Middleburg. She did not want to go, and argued hard, and eventually she and Jill came up with a compromise, that we would pick her up at 9PM and she’d meet up with the group at church the next morning. I came up with the idea we should have dinner nearby, and chose The Ashby Inn in Paris, Virginia. I had a lovely cocktail, the carpaccio, the duck and the pecan bar for dessert, then we went and got Nina. The next evening we attended a memorial for our friend Nancy Moreno, who passed too soon.

Kerry Lillah

Wednesday Nina came home sick. She called at 8:30am saying she was about to throw up, came home and promptly did. She went back to sleep for a bit, then started school work. Friday we got takeout from La Ong Thai Bistro, but Nina wasn’t feeling 100% yet. So we got her an acai bowl by request from Tropical Smoothie Café.


Saturday the 9th it was Awesome Con time again. Both Nina and I used old costumes this time. Nina didn’t want to get up early this time, so we had breakfast, then went downtown around 11 and met the Hamptons, who were already there. The girls went shopping, and so did we. I wanted to meet artist David Mack, we did and bought some Sandman prints, and he signed my copy of Daredevil 10 with Echo’s first cover appearance (since he created her and drew the cover). Then I got my picture taken with Daredevil and Echo stars Charlie Cox and Alaqua Cox holding the freshly signed comic. Meanwhile, the girls got lunch, then did more shopping before we left. Nina had lost her wallet when they stopped for food, but we went to the con security, and someone nice had turned it in with the money intact.

Charlie Cox Kerry Alaqua Cox

Wednesday Nina had her second in person session at StudyPro where she does homework at their Homework Center for two hours with onsite tutors, then meets with an executive functioning coach for an hour. Jill had taken her last time, so this time it was me, with 3 hours to kill if I don’t want to go home. There’s plenty to do in McLean, but Falls Church is the next town over, so I went to CD Cellar until they closed at 6. Jill was having dinner out, and Nina wanted takeout from Teabreak later, so I had dinner outside at Aracosia across the street from StudyPro. That didn’t take much time, so I had a beer and a cookie at The Union downstairs. I had been considering going to that night’s Bryan Adams concert in Fairfax, but decided against it since I would arrive late and I was curious to see opener Dave Stewart’s Eurythmics Songbook. While I was at The Union, my friend Rob texted me saying he and his wife and tickets for the show and couldn’t attend and knew I would go. He was right, after I got Nina’s takeout and dropped her at home as Jill arrived and made my way to EagleBank Arena.

Dave Stewart's Eurythmics Songbook

I did make it in time to see some of Dave Stewart’s Eurythmics Songbook, much to my disappointment. Not that Dave Stewart all female band was bad at all – just the opposite. But his attitude was terrible – before “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves”, he said “And usually, and I don’t know about here, but usually – in fact not usually, on every single gig, every girl, woman has stood up during this song. Now I know we’re playing in a basketball court, so that shouldn’t be difficult.” Also, after the song he said “thank you to everybody that stood up for that – you don’t get no money back at the door, ones that stood up”. Luckily the crowd was there for Bryan Adams and enthusiastically greeted him when he came out, and he was attitude free, just full of a career of hits. He also had some interesting concert innovations. His latest album So Happy It Hurts features a car in the album cover, and he had an inflatable car mounted on a giant drone that was flown around the arena. Also he had video backdrops as many people do, but his must have had a green screen in certain areas, as there would for example be a billboard coming up while the POV was a on a road, and the billboard would feature a live shot from the stage. I thought that was pretty cool.

Bryan Adams

The next day Nina had a field trip to see Romeo & Juliet at Synetic Theater with her theater class. Meanwhile Jill and I attended her annual 504 meeting at school, which went much better than the previous year. We also got to speak to three of her teachers. Friday Nina’s chorus went to perform at Williamsburg Middle School, then we got Big Buns for dinner and I finally took down the Christmas lights.


Monday the 18th I read this and had to repost this wonderful quote from here: “once upon a time, these solar panels happened because people made a good argument, and other people stood with them. It cost something to make it happen, plus a lot of work, and that cost was repaid. That is a narrative that happens too; so sometimes, even if we are afraid, it can be worth investing in the future.” Of course I got some criticism because the original article had a math mistake (The image associated said “By installing solar panels and updating the facilities to be more energy efficient, the schools cut their yearly energy consumption by 1.6 kilowatts and are on track to save $2.4 million over 20 years.”, and 1.6 kilowatts should have been 1.6 million kilowatts).


Wednesday Nina had another 3 hour session at StudyPro, so I went back to CD Cellar to finish going through their bargain section, then went over to Solace Outpost to have a beer, read the paper, play some pinball, and fill a growler. The next day I said this is awesome.

Kerry Lillah

Saturday Nina’s third quarter ended and her spring break began. That night she was invited to Persian new year by a friend. The first half of the week was just her relaxing, getting lots of phone time and finally getting to play Genshin Impact again (we suspended that when she had a lot of work to complete). Wednesday I texted Jill that “You’re the best!”. I had bemoaned the fact that none of the local grocery stores carried Evol frozen burritos anymore, and she had ordered me a case of my favorite cilantro lime flavor. They’re the only frozen burrito that’s low enough in sodium for me to eat, so was excited to have a quick lunch available once again.


Thursday the 28th I took Jill and Nina to Dulles as they had an early flight to Massachusetts as they’d be spending Easter there. The only concert I could find that I wanted to go to was Geoff Tate (from Queensrÿche) at Tally Ho Theater, so that’s what I did, stopping at Tarbenders first for a flatbread and a drink. I was curious about opener Fire & Water, an Irish folk rock band, and was glad I did. I’d bought a ticket in the “VIP section” (aka the balcony) to discover they’d made big modifications since I was there the previous summer. Now everything was tiered, and it was sold out – I got one of the last seats. I enjoyed Fire & Water, but Geoff Tate had advertised a “Hits” tour and delivered with an all Queensrÿche set (except a tasty cover of “Welcome To The Machine”), and nothing from after 2003’s Tribe. Most of the weekend I did house stuff, but Saturday I went to see Dune 2 in IMAX at Udvar-Hazy.

Jill Nina