Artists To Watch 2024

Again this year my music buying was mostly online from Bandcamp, high quality audio from Qobuz & 7digital and preordering mp3s and CDs from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I also got free mp3s from WNRN

Here’s a playlist of everything available on Spotify.

Here’s a playlist of everything available on SoundCloud.

Band Song Why them
01. Muna One That Got Away They were on the side stage at the All Things Go Music Festival, but they put on my favorite performance of the day, including boygenius & Lana Del Rey.
02. Extreme Rise With Aerosmith’s coming retirement, this is the band from Boston to see. And if you didn’t know their guitar player is one of the best ever, check out quite possibly the best solo he’s ever done.
03. Kings Elliot Ashes By The Morning She opened up for Stephen Sanchez at Union Stage (who was in last year’s list) and was just great.
04. Genesis Owusu Leaving The Light If you know me well, you know that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is my favorite soundtrack. So it’s with the highest praise that I think this song could fit right on that album.
05. Melanie Martinez Void I’m not immune to the lure of current pop, and if my daughter is also a fan, that’s a plus.
06. Dopapod Black Holes I do love me some jam bands, but I made a special point to see them after finding out for Halloween last year, they did a whole set of Weird Al covers.
07. Skating Polly Louder In Outer Space They had me at “featuring Louise Post & Nina Gordon”, aka the singers from Veruca Salt.
08. Smartbomb Not That Simple I went back and checked, and I’ve never featured Smartbomb. Like emmet swimming, my favorite Fairfax band, they have Scott Brotemarkle on bass and vocals, but Chuck Andrada on vocals as well.
09. (G)I-DLE I Do My daughter’s a big fan of K-Pop, and now I am too.
10. Paperhouse The Devil Didn’t Win Specaking of Fairfax bands, this duo features Shane Hines who’s been making music a long time solo and with the Trance.
11. Ryan Wright What’s Not To Love One more local hit with the daughter of Todd Wright now making music on her own, with her latest single her most fully realized song yet.
12. Middle Kids Highlands A hooky chrous that hooked me.
13. The Warning Money They had this hard rock trio of sisters on the side stage for this year’s MTV VMAs and I wanted to know more.
14. Roberta Lea Too Much Of A Woman A Kickstarter project that proved worth the wait.
15. The Swell Season The Answer Is Yes Glen Hansard & Mark√©ta Irglov√° reunited and I wanted to see them because I hadn’t yet. What I didn’t know is they’re still making astonishing songs.
16. Caroline Polachek Sunset When we saw her open for Dua Lipa last year and found she used to front alt/rock group Porchlift, I knew to keep an eye on her.
17. Overcoats New Suede Shoes Always a sucker for harmonies.
18. Greensky Bluegrass Congratulations And Condolences This year’s jamgrass entry.
19. Le Sserafim Fearless Yep, more K-Pop.
20. Dori Freeman Why Do I Do This To Myself Pop country with a nice riff.
21. Nichole Wagner Raised By Wolves Another Kickstarter project I liked.
22. Larkin Poe Bad Spell Did I see them open up for Indigo Girls at Wolf Trap? Nope, saw them open for Guns N’ Roses in London. I guess it was inevitable.
23. Duane Betts Saints To Sinners Son of The Allman Brothers Band founder Dickey Betts, I just saw him with fellow sons of the original band in the Allman Betts Family Revival. He’s got some chops.
25. Hurray for the Riff Raff Saga She was one of the surprise guests for NPR Music Celebrates 15 Years late last year.
26. Twice Set Me Free And one more K-Pop track to finish us off.