Mostly home plus a Pan-Celtic show.

Friday I came home and roasted spare ribs and potatoes and made a nice thick sauce to go with them, went great with a Yuengling Light. We watched some TV later, but were both pretty wiped out.

Saturday Jill was out early, and I slept in a bit, then headed over to the Chaamp fundraiser in Arlington to give some money and confer with their leader, Lezlie, about some other fundraising. When I got back I fixed some of the window grids and repainted trim while Jill raked the leaves in front, then we cleared out the back deck. We had Indian for dinner, a prepared meal from Trader Joe’s as well as a pork dish I made. More TV later, we finished off the Prisoner remake, but it was disappointing,

Today we gathered firewood in the early afternoon and I recycled a bunch of beer bottles in the woods, then Jill headed out and I watched a close football game (but a loss to the Cowboys) before making chicken tender sandwiches and sweet potato fries as well as trying out a new Thanksgiving recipe: Squash and Apple Puree. Then we headed over to Old Brogue to see Beth Patterson sit in with IONA. It was a good show, and I taped the second set with my new camera (didn’t get there in time to get permission for the first). More TV now, then bed.