Sore today

So i’ve done a variety of body work since I got the multiple repetive stress injuries in 1998 that eventully ended up in a diagnosis of fibromyalgia: massage, acupucture, chiropractic, and myotherapy. But the injuries to my wrists this summer just haven’t healed, so on the recommendation of Connie from Therapeutic Massage, I decided to try Neurosoma. Tamsin was very nice, and the first session went ok.

I had my second session yesterday. She worked from my neck to my back for 45 minutes, and my right arm from elbow to hand for another 40. I have never been so sore in my life. Last week’s soreness was over in three days – I’m hoping for four days max now. Luckily I’m only facing a three day workweek (my new company has the day after Thanksgiving as a paid holiday – is that cool or what?).