Mixed feelings

While I’m happy with my Treo 600, I was a little bummed that they announced the 650 a week after I got it. Until I saw this.

BTW, my Treo kicks ass. I dumped almost all my old programs, mostly because they were monochrome (my Kyocera wasn’t color). That forced me to find new versions of games (I like Bejeweled even more in color), and cool new programs. There’s even one that exploits the built in camera on the Treo to make videos. Something’s wrong with the export, though, it’s really choppy video – I’m trying to work with the developers. I got a 1GB SD card so I can fill it up with mp3s if I want, too.

2 thoughts on “Mixed feelings”

  1. I love the Treo 600 too! Although I had to get a replacement after mine stopped being able to make calls.

    Now that I’ve got Ringo, I’ve got MP3s setup as rings. How kick ass is that?

  2. I thought about it, decided $15 wasn’t worth it, I’ll just convert mp3s to midi when I get bored of the defaults.

    But have you seen Live? It’s my new favorite toy.

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