Chili dreams

Today I went to work. I wasn’t 100%, but my throat was better – mostly runny nose and coughing. But I wanted to participate in the chili cookoff, and had spent time last night making a batch of what I imaginatively titled “Cleaning out the pantry chili”. It was true – no more meat, beans, tomatoes, onions, or broth are left in my kitchen. I didn’t make the top three, but trying the other nine varieties cleared up my throat wonderfully. The effect only lasted a couple hours, but it was worth coming in for. Hopefully all symptoms will be gone by Monday (I’d prefer tomorrow, but that seems presumptuous).

Tonight I caught up on newspapers, then watched “Dreamcatcher”. This is the first Stephen King movie I’ve watched where I haven’t read the book (I was very disappointed “Hearts In Atlantis” wasn’t as good as the book), so I was curious, especially given the not so good reviews. Morgan Freeman’s eyebrows are a character in their own right. Not a bad movie, although it whiplashes around as it can’t make up it’s mind about what kind of movie it’s going to be until the second half. I give it a B-.

4 thoughts on “Chili dreams”

  1. Hi Kerry –

    I started to watch this one too, without having read the book. I think it started to get a little too weird for me while it was still in its first hour. I think I need to go back and read the book first. I’ve been reading Everything’s Eventual this past week – it’s not one of his best collections of short stories, but it’s not bad either, especially for short rides on the T.

  2. Yeah, but by the last hour it had settled into a groove. And what about the eyebrows?

    I got a paperback of Everything’s Eventual, it’s waiting for the next trip we take.

    This weekend I finish Cerebus, though – that’s the priority (hey I did read all 7 Dark Towers this year, Stevie can wait ’til next year).

  3. I’ve still got the last two books left to read. My parents take a while to get through them, and I’m borrowing their copies so…

    Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving. Are you coming up to MA for Christmas?

  4. Not this year, Jill’s convinced her folks to come down here this year. She wants to go up for Holyoke’s St’ Pat’s parade, so we may go up then.

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