I saw Aliens Vs. Predator last night. I wasn’t expecting too much, especially with them not screening the movie for critics (always a red flag), but I liked it a lot. Of course, I bought the original comics when they came out (and enjoyed seeing some plot points from the comic in the movie – not sure why they changed an Asian heroine to a black one though). No, it’s not a complex film, but it doesn’t need to be. The CG/real sequences are well done, and the Alien/Predator fights are amazing.

I prepared by watching the new DVD reissue of Predator – well done, that is (and came with a ticket for AVP). There’s a preview of AVP in it, and I found out there’s a hydraulic alien controlled by five puppeteers, no wonder it looked so real. I got in the mood for nice summer action movies, watched Terminator next, may watch T2 tonight (I still haven’t seen T3, but I have it on DVD too). Not in the mood for too much else, as my wrist is acting up again.