Week of concerts – conclusion

We had errands to run on Saturday morning, and house cleaning (got the carpets cleaned on Thursday, and they look great, just needed vacuuming), and we got over to Stuart’s to go to Eddie From Ohio around 1:45. We got out of there around 2, and headed west. We weren’t planning on avoiding the weather, but it was nice to notice rain starting that stopped by the time we passed Marshall. Hopped on 81, and got to Orkney Springs around 4. We weren’t seriously considering this show, but Orkney Springs is where Bryce Mountain is, and Stuart’s dad has a house there, and generously offered us a place to stay. All we had to bring was Stuart’s enormous cooler (which barely fit in the trunk) and half a case of light beer (Stuart had a case of Pilsner Urquell).

Stuart’s dad, his lady friend, and two of their friends were there already, along with their massage therapist. We all had a huge dinner (with corn and tomatoes from Stuart’s garden) of barbecued chicken, then Jill and I set out to get seats for the show. We were told we didn’t have to get there early, but I was glad we were – the front row was already taken. It doesn’t matter how many times I see a group – I’ll always take the good seats.

The show was great as usual, lots of shout outs to Orkney Springs and many new songs, as well as a Robbie solo take on “Vincent”, which I’ve never seen him do outside of his solo shows. Second set was colder, first time I’ve worn a jacket to an outside show since the late night show in New York. Afterwards we went back to Stuart’s dad’s house for apple pie a la mode and the rest of the Redskins game (dammit) and a nice soak in the hot tub. In the morning, we had bacon and eggs to order, and read the Post for a bit on the deck before we headed back.

We got home around 3, and I discovered the Dead show started at 6 (well, Warren Haynes was, and that was good enough). It was just me and Stuart, so I alerted him and he came over around 4:30. We had moved the cooler of beer to his truck, and he had picked up some deli sandwiches (can’t remember the name of the deli). We got to Nissan around 5:15, and tailgated until the show started. We missed a little of Warren, but he was good. The Dead came on around 7, played 3 hours with a set break. It was a perfect night for it – the Merriweather shows were hot and humid, Orkney Springs was cool, but last night was mid 70s with a bit of a breeze. The first set was ok, but the second set was really good – nice versions of “Mexicali Blues” and “The Weight” and a superb “Stella Blue” with Warren singing.

A great week of shows, but now only a couple possible shows in the next two weeks before Wolf Trap, nothing definite.