Off the grid

Yes, I have had no web site or email for 3 days now, but I’m back. This is the official explanation:

Dear Authentic-Hosting Clients,

In the past couple of days, some of you may have experienced a prolonged downtime as a result of an IP address migration as the address has expired. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the delay and inconvenience it may have caused. The migration process has been a difficult one and should complete within 24 hours. Unfortunately, DNS IP address update propagation takes 24-48 hours due to reasons beyond our control or authority. We thank you for bearing with us and assure you that such events rarely occur and once the migration is complete, all should be restored in perfect working order.

Of course they will be no refunds, and no compensation for having the pictures for the 96 auctions I have going this week not showing since the site went down.

Me, I think it had to do with me watching all three Terminator movies this week. Rise of the machines, indeed.

T1 & T2 I’d seen before several times, T2 still holds up as one of the great sf action movies. T3 I hadn’t seen before. I had no great expectations, and they were met. Mostow isn’t Cameron. There were some nice scenes (I particularly liked the return of the shrink from the first two movies), and the action scenes were good, but it didn’t have the snap of the first two. It’s weird watching movies filmed in three different decades, though – let’s you see the progression of special effects.