A well deserved prize

The Washington Post (that rag I read cover to cover every day) won 6 Pulitzers today, and besides the usual suspects, Gene Weingarten won one. It was for his Washington Post Magazine story on whether or not people really stop and sniff the flowers by seeing how many people paid attention to violinist Joshua Bell playing for change at a Metro subway stop.

It was quoted around the world and made into sermons. It’s my favorite article from the Magazine and certainly one of Gene’s best ideas. It helps to explain why I don’t just pay attention to big names in music, I’ll try just about anything – you never know where you’ll find quality. It’s a funny article, but also moving.

If you’ve already read the magazine article, you should look at it online to see the accompanying video, or go here to hear the whole performance. And here’s Dave Barry on the honor.

Edited to add: Gene’s speech at the announcement (about 6:08 in).