Tori Amos – A Clavier

I’ve been on a Tori Amos kick. I got her A Piano collection recently, and listening to it before her show reminded me that her b-sides are not the lesser work – sometimes they’re better than the album cuts. I got interested in finding the ones I didn’t have, as well as eliminating some of the studio albums when the collection had most of the tracks. I tracked down used copies of the singles on or iTunes, and found the really old stuff in other places (some things I already had). I had no idea how much was out there – Y Kant Tori Read was a necessity, but I filled up a whole CD before I got there (unlike the collection, I prefer going chronologically). I did not include tracks from Strange Little Girls, Scarlet’s Walk, The Beekeeper or American Doll Posse. Only a handful of tracks on the collection were from Scarlet’s Walk or The Beekeeper, and Strange Little Girls and American Doll Posse weren’t represented at all (all covers and came out afterwards). Anyway, here’s the track list of my new collection – it runs 1 disc longer than the original:

Disc 1 – Ellen
Piano Improv – Wedding Performance, Spring 1978 (with Rev. Edison Amos presiding)
You Needed Me
You Light Up My Life
We’ve Only Just Begun
Baltimore – 1979 single
Walking With You
It’s A Happy Day – 1979 single
Keep On Trying – Ellen Amos reel-to-reel demos, 1980
Rubies And Gold
Just Ellen
Standing There
Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
Lonely Parade – 1985 demos
I Don’t Know How To Leave You
Trail Of Tears
Looking For El Dorado
Car Full Of Boys – 1987 demo
When I Was Dreaming – 1988 demo for Al Stewart
Distant Storm – 1988 Tess Makes Good – China O’Brien soundtrack

Disc 2 – Y Kant and Earthquakes
The Big Picture – Y Kant Tori Read 1988
Cool On Your Island
Fire On The Side
Floating City
Heart Attack At 23
On The Boundary
You Go To My Head
Etienne Trilogy
Ode To The Banana King – Silent All These Years 1992
Song for Eric
Humpty Dumpty – China 1992
Angie – Crucify 1992
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Thank You

Disc 3 – Pink and Pele
Ring My Bell – Ruby Trax Compilation 1992
Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out – Speaking of Christmas and Other Things 1992
The Happy Worker – Toys soundtrack 1992
The Wrong Band – Under the Pink 1994
Space Dog
All The Girls Hate Her – God 1994
Over It
A Case Of You – Cornflake Girl 1994
If 6 Was 9
Strange Fruit
Butterfly – Higher Learning soundtrack 1995
Losing My Religion
Down By The Seaside – Encomium (with Robert Plant) 1995
Professional Widow – Boys for Pele 1996
Muhammad My Friend
Hey Jupiter

Disc 4 – Pele and Choirgirl
Way Down – Boys for Pele 1996
Little Amsterdam
Not The Red Baron
Agent Orange
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Graveyard – Caught a Lite Sneeze 1996
That’s What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song)
Samurai – Talula 1996
Sister Named Desire
Amazing Grace/’Til The Chicken
London Girls
Talula (BT’s tornado mix) – Twister soundtrack 1996
Blue Skies – BT’s Ima 1996
Finn – Great Expectations soundtrack 1997
Paradiso Perduto
Black-Dove (January) – From The Choirgirl Hotel 1998

Disc 5 – Choirgirl, Venus and Girls
Raspberry Swirl – From The Choirgirl Hotel 1998
Liquid Diamonds
She’s Your Cocaine
Northern Lad
Pandora’s Aquarium
Do It Again – Spark 1998
Purple People (Christmas In Space)
Juárez – To Venus And Back 1999
Riot Poof
Spring Haze
Carnival – Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack 2000
After All – Strange Little Girl 2001
Only Women Bleed
Me And You – Hand Of Fate soundtrack 2001
Operation Peter Pan – A Sorta Fairytale 2002

Disc 6 – Scarlet and beyond
Mountain – Scarlet’s Web download 2002
Angels – Tales of a Librarian 2003
You Belong To Me – Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack 2003
Murder He Says
Ruby Through The Looking Glass – Scarlet’s Hidden Treasures 2004
Bug A Martini
Apollo’s Frock
Indian Summer
Garlands – The Beekeeper DVD 2005
My Posse Can Do – American Doll Posse DVD 2007
Miracle – American Doll Posse iTunes pre-order edition 2007
Drive All Night – American Doll Posse Borders edition 2007