Sean Taylor RIP

I’ve trying to think of something to write about the death of the Redskins’ Sean Taylor, but the words have been eluding me. He’s not in my Monkeysphere, and isn’t as meaningful personally as Douglas Adams, but it’s hit me. Finally, someone wrote in to my favorite football writer’s blog with his take here

He was the one player on defense, more than anyone else, who represented a real hope for change, for greatness, for unlimited possibilities, for many great things to come. That is not to say that his death is just about football, certainly not, but to us as fans of a team that is what we lost. In some ways it is similar to what the players lost, though the future that was taken from them is more personal in that they lost a friend, someone they saw every day, someone they expected to see in the locker room and expected to talk to when they came back from Tampa. That is the future they lost.