Grammys and a Police visit

The Grammys started out strong, then faded fast. The Police came out first, with Sting shouting ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we are the Police, and we’re back!” They played a quick version of “Roxanne”, then left to a standing O. Unfortunately, that was the high point. John Legend, Corinne Bailey Rae, and John Mayer played together, but even Mayer’s guitar skills couldn’t wake the audience up. Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood did decent covers of Eagles songs, but why not get the Eagles? They do have an new album coming out soon, and Don Henley was there. And I like the Dixie Chicks, but to put them ahead of Gnarls Barkley and Mary J. Blige this year? I don’t think so. At least when they won for songwriting, Dan Wilson was up there. I’ve missed him since Semisonic went away. And the rest of the night wasn’t a total loss – Christina Aguilera covering James Brown, Usher dancing like him and his longtime emcee draping his cape over a mic stand was moving.

The rumors about the Police reunion and tour were hard to keep down, and they planned a press conference for Monday. Happily, VH1 Classic announced they’d cover it live (nice for a music channel actually to cover something music related live instead of the constant reality pablum most of its family shows). So I recorded it and watched it – wow, it was fun. They were at the infamous Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, came out and played four songs sloppily (no setlist, unusual according to Stewart), joked with each other and the press. It was like a classic Beatles press conference. Full report here. Pricey tix, but I’ve paid more. Can’t tell yet if DC goes on sale this week or next.

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