Valentine’s Day

I prepared for the worst by doing my shopping Monday night on my way home, when Jill was out studying for a test. I got roses and plenty of food. I worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday – good thing, they didn’t plow our lot until 4PM on Wednesday. School was closed for Jill on Wednesday for the first time, and that postponed her test, so she slept in (even if I couldn’t). We both shoveled during the day, got the steps and sidewalk and in front of our cars cleared (although this morning I learned we should have tried to bring the cars out into the parking lot, that took some time). I started dinner, then Jill found out instead of her test being rescheduled for Friday, it was today (mostly because classmates had travel plans on Friday due to the long weekend). So she got to studying, and had brief breaks for dinner (potato skins, ribs, creamed spinach and fries) and dessert (chocolate cheesecake with strawberries and whipped cream), all store bought food since I didn’t think I’d have time to cook a lot. At least we hadn’t planned on going out for dinner, since we’re going out Sunday.