More food reviews

It was a busy (and early) week for me, bunch of meetings. Some good food at home, though. I made a tart cherry mustard to go with some kielbasa, and roasted a chicken while basting it in Trader Joe’s Winterfest beer, definitely a winner. Friday I was home by 4:30, took it easy that night, watching TV and reading the paper. For dinner we had the leftovers from that chicken. I’d made mashed potatoes with the last of the CSA potatoes, and I also made stuffing, and steamed broccoli which I made a creamy lemon sauce to top. I was pretty wiped and went to bed a little after 11.

Saturday I was up somewhat early, made an egg sandwich, then tore into the paper. I had a bunch of paperwork to do, and that took me most of the afternoon. In the evening, I went to an alumni reception and dinner for my fraternity at the Dulles Hilton. I should have skipped the dinner – it was an awards dinner and ran way too long (I was last one at my table to sneak out). The reception was good, though, I met some local alumni who hang out together, and may do some events with them soon. Another reason for skipping the dinner was the food – overcooked beef and asparagus. Jill made out better with her frozen pizza. Another early night for me, as I could barely keep my eyes open at midnight.

Sunday we slept in a little, then Jill went out for bagels and I made scrambled eggs with cilantro, ginger, garlic, and chili garlic sauce. She came back and continued studying, while I read the paper and cleaned up some (we knew Dad was coming), then started an eBay auction. We wento out to meet my family at 5 at Coastal Flats in Fairfax Corner. My sister doesn’t celebrate her birthday, but my mom is determined to have some kind of celebration about that time anyway (I think it’s fine, and give her gifts throughout the year now). It was a surprise to my sister, which was kind of cool. Jill and I both had the mixed greens salad, then she got the crab cake and I had the lobster roll (and since they’re part of the same chain as Sweet Water, we had the great bread), and she had a Blue Moon and I had a house (Sweet Water) pale ale. We gabbed for a good long while, then headed home. My dad just got here (he had to bring my mom home), so I’m going to watch the Grammys with him now.