Clerks and pipes

Friday night I got home and breaded and lightly fried chicken legs and squash. We watched the original IFFM cut of Clerks (Jill wasn’t as happy with that since it was lifted from a VHS copy and was quite dark, but it was 15 minutes longer than the released version). Watching the extras took the rest of the night – they finally put in the MTV bits they did (“Dude, it’s in my brain!”).

I got up early to try and get Clapton tix on Saturday, failing because the ticketmaster website was way too slow and I was getting awful choices by the time I finally did get through (just scored some a little while ago, though). Since I was up, I skipped my normal morning shower and took Illa out. We got back and I started watching the documentary on the third disc of Clerks X as I made huevos rancheros. Next I started sorting and packing away our camping gear. Jill got up before the end of the doc, and after it was over, helped me put up the tent to air it out. She got ready and left to join some coworkers for drinks around 5, and I showered and left soon after.

I was meeting my dad at Wolf Trap, so I stopped at Harris Teeter to pick up some food (salad, seaweed shrimp wraps and wings). I met him and we went into the park and a shaded area to eat. He had planned to bring a date, but early in the week had noticed that I’d screwed up and gotten tix to the afternoon show. I switched them, but by that time she’d made other plans. So it was just us to see the Beach Boys. I’d seen Brian Wilson last year, but I’d never seen the rest of them. Only Mike Love is around from the original line up, but Bruce Johnston joined in April 1965 after Glen Campbell (who was in turn replacing Brian Wilson) decided to embark on a solo career. It was a good show, and they played a lot of hits. My only complaint was it was way too hot – we may need to bring lots of ice tomorrow.

Sunday I actually slept in for once. When we did get up, Jill went down and took Illa out and had cereal, then I made bacon and schmorgles as I caught up on Daily Shows. We’d thought about catching an early matinee of Clerks II, but it took longer than I expected to get the old pipe beneath the sink out. We’d had lots of problems with the disposal, and I thought a new pipe might help – we also needed propane for the grill. We missed the 3:30 show, so we hung out and played with Illa for another hour.

Home Depot had propane, but not the pipes we needed, so we got the propane and headed over to Reston Town Center. Clerks II was very funny, at various times we were laughing so hard we couldn’t hear the next lines. Afterwards we headed over to Lowe’s, then home. I had slow cooked pork on Saturday, and now I made sauce for it, then tried to install the new pipe. Tried, because the new one kept leaking despite my best efforts. We were hungry and it was getting late, so I stopped and we had bbq sandwiches and corn on the cob. Afterwards I struggled some more with the pipe, then gave up and installed the old one. Jill started cleaning up the kitchen, and I hopped online.

2 thoughts on “Clerks and pipes”

  1. EEEEEEE!!!

    I *loved* the “Dude! It’s in my brain!” commercial. I remember laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

    ~The beautiful people. The beautiful people.~

  2. They had me worried because in the intro they talk about not getting the original music for some of the clips, but that one’s there in all it’s twisted glory.

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