Apple sauced

Last night I got home around 6:45. We were going to Wolf Trap at 8 to see Fiona Apple, which would normally mean leaving by 7:30. But Jill wasn’t hungry, so we delayed dinner until 7:30 and planned on skipping the opening act. Jill had stopped at Trader Joe’s and picked up lettuce wraps and shrimp rolls, and we enjoyed those. I took Illa out, then we headed over to Wolf Trap, stopping at the Jewell’s to exchange the camping things we’d gotten from FRFF, most importantly the fan/squirter water bottle.

We got to our seats at Wolf Trap just after the opening act ended. I had managed to get front row seats, and had been pretty happy about that. But the pavilion hadn’t shed any of the day’s heat, and we were roasting, plus my little fan expired. Thankfully I had brought some paper fans on sticks, but they only helped a little. We were at stage left, and Fiona’s piano was at stage right, and the first couple songs all we saw were legs and a forehead. She came out to sing at a mic stand after that, a good thing I thought then.

Now I sometimes have a problem with the loudness of shows, but hadn’t had any problems at the last two Wolf Trap shows in a week. Plus I figured being so close we wouldn’t get the full force of the giant speaker columns to either side of the stage. However, the stage monitors had mostly just Fiona’s voice at an incredibly loud volume, so just after the show started we weren’t enjoying ourselves as much. But when she stepped out from behind the piano, she was visibly angry (and cursing off mic) – or so we thought. BY the time a couple of songs went by, we could see her drop the mask a couple of times to see it was all an act. That bothered Jill and she left to go sit in back and listen from a distance. I stayed until she went back behind the piano, then joined Jill for a couple more songs, then we left. The show was only ok, and I was just unbearably hot.

Today I thought I would turn into applesauce. I was tired and slept ’til 9, leaving for work around 10. It was pretty warm then, but I had to go out again at 1:30 for PT. I thought I would melt before the air conditioning kicked in, and I still felt like I was in a sauna after that. The drive back was only tolerable because I stopped and got an enormous strawberry smoothie from Smoothie King – brainfreeze has never felt so good before. I’ve got two more appointments during work this week, but I’ve changed them for the morning.