B5 completists only

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  • the original pilot screenplay with:
    How about Garibaldi trying to get hold of his dying father back on Mars…how about a shape-shifter instead of a Minbari assassin with a changeling net…Londo as a part-time pick-pocket…Dr. Chakri Mendak instead of Dr. Kyle…new scenes between Lyta and Laurel, Delenn and others that were later cut…a LOT more character scenes with Sinclair and Garibaldi…a discovery about Delenn’s lifestone and what that means to the Minbari…where Sinclair is NOT put on trial,
    but finds a whole different and more interesting way to solve the mystery of Kosh’s assailant…and the introduction of Kosh’s life-mate, Velana, who plays a very important role in the script. (Didn’t know Vorlons had life-mates, did you?)

  • alternate scripts for “Soul Hunter”, “And the Sky, Full of Stars” and “The Exercise of Vital Powers”.
  • a very interesting outline:
    …a six or seven page, single spaced outline of the ENTIRE FIVE YEARS with Sinclair still in place. The document makes for fascinating reading when compared with the series as it developed. NOT ONLY THAT, but the same document has a brief outline for A POTENTIAL BABYLON 5 SEQUEL SERIES, which would have been entitled BABYLON PRIME.