Low sleep week

Been getting to bed after midnight or 1 and up by 7-7:30. I’m dragging today. Had steaks for dinner, watched some HDD’s Daily Show. Watched Lost and Invasion last night. Liked Lost, not sure about Invasion (Threshold is superior). Had some frozen chicken cordon bleu with fresh green beans. Tuesday Jill was working, I had some leftovers and watched Bones (ok), My Name Is Earl (funny – I like Jason Lee), and The Office (Steven Colbert is uncomfortably good – and I hate office “parties” you have to pay for yourself). Monday Jill was also working, I made pasta and sauce for lunch for us the next day, and buffalo wings for dinner as I watched the Redskins make an incredible comeback against the Cowboys (in Dallas!). The ‘Skins still don’t look that great (Brunell is creaky), but that was a fun game.

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  2. Oops. The blog was running at snail speed Thursday night, and I just wanted to post the damn entry. Then I finally succeeded, only to discover I’d actually succeeded 4 times. I tried another 30 minutes to delete the other 3 before calling it a night. I logged on the next morning and everything worked fine. Forgot the LJ feed would pick them all up – sorry.

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