The show, that is, not the weekend (ok, it’s actually the name of the movie and Firefly is the series, but I’ve got a theme going). The weekend’s been pretty busy.

When I went to see Terry Pratchett Tuesday, my car was giving off noxious fumes, and initially I thought it was because I parked in a parking garage. But they were still there Wednesday. So I dropped my car off Wednesday to get it looked at. That meant I got up at 6:30 Thursday and Friday so Jill could gice me a ride to work (could have taken the bus, I guess). They cleaned the fuel injectors and it’s much better now. We were home so early at night and nothing planned, so we started watching Firefly, to prepare for the movie in a couple weeks. Jill got hooked on the pilot, and we watched another two episodes Friday. There was another reason not to do much on Friday – Illa darted off after a cat and Jill got burns on her fingers trying to pick the leash back up. We also watched Threshold, which was ok (dialogue left something to be desired, but the plot was good).

Saturday I was trying to finish some DVDs and upload a concert to Also watched Bones, and a preview DVD of How I Met Your Mother and Everybody Loves Chris (the first two starring Buffy alums, second featuring Chris Rock’s voice – if you’d follow either, you’ll like the shows, if not, don’t bother). Jill ran some errands, then we went over to the Fairfax City library book sale. On the way there she couldn’t find her wallet – eventually figured out she’d left it at Nordstrom and had to go back. I made steaks and she cooked green beans for dinner, then we read for a bit, then I went to see Quitter UK at Iota (CD release show).

I missed Anthony Fiacco and the Echoes, but I’ve seen them before and they’re pretty good. The club was pretty crowded, close to sold out. The band was in good spirits, helped by a couple people buying them rounds of liquor. They played some new covers (Elvis Costello’s Radio, Radio, a polka version of Van Halen’s Jump, and Til Tuesday’s Voices Carry – Jump was very funny, especially when people on the floor started jumping). Scott had a nice new section on the bridge to “All That She Pretends” that was reminiscent of when he segued into “Silly Love Songs” (it’s also on the recorded version), and I like the Beach Boys like finale to “Young Again” more and more every time I hear it.

Today, more DVD work for me and more errands for Jill, then the highlight of our weekend – Illa’s first bath. He was not happy about that. Next – burgers, Simpsons, and Family Guy (and maybe more Firefly).