Cruise excursion

The Edhead cruise we’re taking this year leaves from Tampa and stops in Cozumel. Since the last one we went on also stopped in Cozumel, we’re going to do something different this time (last time I went diving and Jill tried snuba). There are two excursions to Mayan ruins. The most expensive is Chichen Itza, and the most time consuming (I’ve a read a review where the author describes “an exhausting 3 1/2 hour bus ride each way”). So I think the way to go is the ruins at Tulum.

The ruins at Tulum are apparently the nicest ones, in addition to having a nice beach. As of 18 months ago, the trip was $79/person, so we’ll budget $85. Not sure if I want to bring my video camera as it’ll be at least $10 extra to film the ruins (besides, efo playing is the only thing I really want to film, and if I do something to the camera, I’d be pissed and SOL). The only sketchy part is getting there. An hour bus ride is fine, but the ferry ride to the mainland is also an hour and has provoked seasickness in a number of people.

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  1. We still recommend the combination trip. Drive a Jeep offroad, see a ruin, see the swamp crocodiles, climb a lighthouse, have an hour+ of snorkelling on a deserted beach and still be back in time to wander the shops for an hour downtown.

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