Jill was cancelled at work Friday, so she was home when I got home (read: no psycho dog). I heated up a pizza and made some salad while catching up on “Daily Show”. We hung out and read. I had planned on catching emmet swimming at the 9:30, but neither of us was up to standing that long, so I passed (at least there’s a Quitter UK show next month at Iota, so I can get my Todd fix).

Saturday was my work picnic. We went around noon and noshed on ribs and hot dogs. We chatted for a while and got a caricature done (she wanted a theme, and all we could come up with was the upcoming anniverasry), then took off to run some errands. We hit Sports Authority for new sneaks for me and new carabiners for Illa’s hands free leash, Total Wine (now carrying Magic Hat #9, we picked up a case plus a 4 pack of Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale), and Safeway for the weekly binge. Jill relaxed while I put things away and got dinner ready for her, then she went to work. It was a nonfiction night for me – I read the paper and EW, watched “The Eldritch Influence” – a biography of H.P. Lovecraft I’d picked up due to the participation of Neil Gaiman (pretty good, he was a big influence on Neil) and some Queen.

Today I got up, walked the dog, and made some egg sandwiches, then read the paper. The second time I walked him, he saw a deer and bent the new carabiner – I need to get a professional one. I called my friend Rusty and finalized plans for next weekend in North Carolina, and made some DVDs until Jill got up. She wasn’t sure if she was working tonight or tomorrow morning, so we chatted and I started working on the computer. Then she got the call telling her it was tonight, so I cooked some cheeseburgers for dinner while watching the Six Feet Under series recap. I cleaned up and watched the last episode (not bad, but why didn’t Nate die in the last one?). I kept on doing the computer, finally finished the setup and started my backup. I felt like watching “Family Guy”, so I recorded the VMAs and will record “Rome” tomorrow (don’t know if I’ll commit to the whole series yet).

I like Easy Media Creator’s CD burning and backup functions, but the DVD authoring software is not the best. I want a nice simple process that’ll give me a DVD with a simple main menu and submenus for all the music titles, but I can’t do it. Looks like I’ll be trying some new software out.

My dad was at a Beach Boys show at Wolf Trap and is bound for 81 in the morning, so he’s staying the night. We caught up for a while (and took Illa for a walk). That makes my mom the only one who wasn’t stayed over yet.