Clean house, tired me

We cleaned and cooked Sunday afternoon. It was nice to have the doors and windows opened (plus it got out the smell of wings being fried). We finished up at 6 – 10 minutes before people showed. Deadlines are good for us, they force us to get things done. Super Bowl was fun, commercials were ok, but it was a nice game until the Pats pulled away in the fourth quarter. I ate way too much, and just crashed around midnight (maybe staying up past 4 the previous two nights was pushing it).

Wasn’t able to drag myself out of bed until 9 the next morning, didn’t make it into work before 10:30. Good thing, as it was still busy. My project’s done, but now I’m helping on another one due next week. Can’t stay late tomorrow (massage night), but Thursday and maybe Friday I might if we can’t get enough done during the day.