Great googoly moogoly!

Is it Saturday already? Man, what a week. Our project’s due Monday, and I stayed until midnight last night so I wouldn’t have to go in today (although I still might get a call – fingers crossed). Long nights every day but Thursday, when I put in 6 hours.

Thursday my plan worked, even with the snow. I took bus to Metro to Springfield, where we went to Mike’s American – I had the prime rib, she had the drunken ribeye. I asked for coleslaw instead of mashed potatoes so I could have more of their fabulous bread. Her surprise was a book signing by Rita Mae Brown, one of her favorite mystery writers, at the Bailey’s Borders. A fun talk, a good night, and that meant I had energy for yesterday’s marathon.

Today Jill’s asleep – she worked a night shift last night. I’m cleaning – almost done with the office, next going to shower, then hit the living room, then groceries. We’ve only got 3 definite guests for the Super Bowl tomorrow, but I still want it to look nice.

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