And our coolest wedding present…

Chris and Jess got us tickets to Spamalot in March. It’s a midweek show, and we’re deciding how long we want to stay (we’re going up Wednesday, and could stay until Sunday). I’d like to see “Avenue Q”, “Saturday Night Live” and “The Daily Show” (if we could get in, it’d have to be standby for the TV shows), but I’m not sure what else.

4 thoughts on “And our coolest wedding present…”

  1. The tickets have arrived. They’re in my hot little hand.

    We should talk about where we want to stay while we’re there. I’m in favor of staying near the theater. I think we’re going to drive down; I’ve gotten recommendations for garages that won’t abuse my car while we stay.

  2. I think we’re going to use the timeshare if we can. I’ve put in a request, should hear back by Monday or so…

  3. I assumed we’d be one or two nights in a hotel there. (As in we budgetted that into the gift.)

    What are your current thoughts about Tampa and New Orleans? I’ve been thinking it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have your timeshare in Tampa before (or after) the cruise.

  4. Oops – too late! We’re in the Avalon for 4 nights.

    Not sure about Tampa – too far off to plan yet. 🙂

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