One down, four to go

One of the things I didn’t get at the auction at the con was something I wanted since Neil announced it on his blog: a Neil rat. I believe it went for $1000. I think this is a little more reasonable, and for an Artist’s Proof to boot.

4 thoughts on “One down, four to go”

  1. Thanks!
    I was really sorry to have missed Fiddler’s Green and now have to visit Neil in even colder weather in January. I think I’ll need to buy thicker socks…
    I was thinking of a Lovecraft Rat next but was going to ask attendees for what kind of author rat they’d like. Any suggestions?
    Best to you!!!

  2. Wow, a celebrity!

    Gee, I think a Cthulu rat would be very cool – I don’t think Lovecraft himself is very memorable.

    I’d buy a Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, or Harlan Ellison rat.

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