This week’s shows

Last night I went to see Paul & Storm from Da Vinci’s Notebook with We’re About 9 opening at Iota. I’d already seen We’re About 9 several times, so I was ready for them. What I wasn’t ready for was the new P&S songs. I brought Dave and Carl along (Carl’s here for the week from Minneapolis) who were completely unfamiliar with them, and they were doubled over laughing as often as I was. Although the consensus was “My Maggot Baby” was funny, then not funny, then a little funny, then unfunny. The show was great, and I listened to their new CD on the way home. I loved the commentary tracks, definitely “chock full out of value”.

Friday, LRS and dada are playing Friday Night Live. I love their songs “Dim” and “Dizz Knee Land”. Hopefully I’ll be up to it after the farewell lunch for me & Aditya at Ned Devine’s, but I’ll show up late at least (it is free).

Saturday I want to catch the Old 97’s and Eve 6 at Live On Penn in DC. We may not stay for all of Eve 6, but $7 is worth it for the Old 97’s – they play some mean

Sunday we’re checking out the Dave Matthews Band for the first time in two years, and I’m really psyched. They’ve got five new songs (that I just burned to a CD), and the set lists for the tour are looking sweet. Actually we’re catching them Sunday at Nissan and Wednesday at Merriweather. Galactic opens both shows.

Man, I can’t believe how much crap I’ve got on this computer at work I want to bring home – not to mention how much time it’s taken because some idiot had the bright idea to include CDs with most of the wedding invitations.

I’ll hopefully head home before 9.