One more day

One more day until I leave this job. I’m feeling a weird mixture of anxiety and glee. Even with the two month bonus/severance, I still will feel unemployed come Monday morning, but I feel like I’m getting the last lifeboat off the Titanic. I’ve had one job interview, and I’ve talked to two headhunters who’ve called this week. I guess I’ll start surfing Monster to send resumes tomorrow or Monday.

I knew I had some mp3s, but I was impressed I managed to fill up 5 CDs with them. I’ve been doing lots of burning (and organizing). In a way, I think I’ll miss this computer the most, since it’s been my primary one for 3 1/2 years.

Went out to Ma Ma Wok for lunch with Carl. Interesting new Chinese/Sushi place in Reston. I had Egg Drop Soup, Mongolian Pork, and a piece of Red Snapper sushi. Very tasty, and not a bad price.