The Celebration’s Over

it’s the fifth of july
feeling independent
please step aside
the celebration’s over
– Fifth Of July, Eddie From Ohio

Yep, had to crank that yesterday. It was a vegging on the couch, reading the paper while listening to music kinda day. After I did lots of wedding invitation related stuff of course. They should be ready by tonight, tomorrow at the latest.

Nice weekend. Friday morning Robbie Schaefer was at Wolf Trap Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods playing to a large audience of kids and chaperones. He played classic children’s songs (like “If You’re Happy And You Know It” and “Puff, The Magic Dragon”), and I think a couple of his own invention (“Professor Schnoodle” and “Sally Can I Walk You Home”). That night we checked out Hall & Oates, they were fun. And it’s weird feeling like I’m the youngest person at a show, rather than the oldest.

Saturday we ran some errands, then headed down to Richmond, where I caught up with my old frat brothers at a July 4th party (early, but so what – that meant we got two parties). We didn’t know the hosts, who own a studio that most of the guys are involved with, but they were cool. I especially liked the custom outdoor bar with the huge stash of liquor. I consumed vast amounts, woke up during the thunderstorm Sunday with a headache.

When we finally got up, we went out to brunch. We were going to Mongolian, but they were closed, so we went to Bob Evans. Neither Jill nor I had been to one, and we weren’t impressed – Jill couldn’t even drink her coffee. We headed back home, then after a little rest, went to a pool party at Alan & Heather’s. I did not bring any alcohol, just artichoke & garlic sausages (very tasty) and CarbSmart ice cream and milk to make lo-carb milkshakes. I caught some of the local fireworks outside, then watched people set off small ones next to the pool. We were there for a while, managed to hot tub some. We were pretty tired when we got back, and it was nice to sleep in on Monday.

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  1. Funny you should mention that. Chris and I were driving home from upstate New York, when we popped in the CD to enjoy that one. I suggested calling you guys to wish you a happy 5th, but forgot by the time we got home. Oops!

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