TV watching

Jill and I can’t always agree on what to watch. I like music videos, Comedy Central, Sci Fi, and HBO. She likes the Food Network, home improvement shows, and PBD cartoon. Last night we both liked the American Film Institute’s special “100 Years…100 Songs” (the list ). Pretty good selection, and although they did have people talking over the songs, typically it was people who actually made them. She did fall asleep during the last hour, but I’m sure that was the 5 hours of sleep she’d gotten.

It was a good thing Jill was home last night, and not Monday when I watched part 2 of “Salem’s Lot”. She really doesn’t like horror movies. Guess no “M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village” for her later this summer (I didn’t watch “Signs” until it came out on DVD, but it was well done. I wonder how many times he can come up with twists).