This week’s shows

Much to my surprise, Jill is as big a Van Halen fan as I am. So naturally we’ll be checking them out at the MCI Center Friday (Silvertide opens). Yes, Sammy’s back singing, but he’s my favorite. My first Van Halen album was “1984”, but my favorite is “5150”. I remember the tape I had of it had one of the reels broken and I had to carefully set it in a tape player to play it at all the frat parties.

Saturday we’ll be going to the Old Dominion Beer Festival, behind their brewpub in Ashburn. We’ll go around 2PM, because that’s when the Brindley Brothers are playing. We’ll stick around for a while, maybe check out Last Train Home as well. Can’t stay too long, as we’ve got tix for Peter Frampton and Styx that night at Nissan Pavilion. I don’t really care about Frampton, but I do like Styx – we may go late, avoid the crowd.