Is this not the most fabulous tour poster of the year?

The show is August 10th at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Tix go on sale to fan club Thursday, public on sale probably this week or next. I’m breaking my rule about no Maryland shows on weeknights, but I’m already doing it for DMB and Sarah McLachlan (the night after BNL – yeesh). Letting the guys from the 9:30 do the booking there has resulted in some interesting shows this summer – they’re getting Lollapalooza as well.

I got the tix for the package at Nissan Pavilion I bought (Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton/Styx, Michael McDonald/Hall & Oates, Boston, Rush, Little Feat/Allman Brothers Band), and they had bad news – Boston has cancelled the show at Nissan, apparently in favor of a smaller show at Baltimore’s Pier Six Concert Pavilion. The Boston show is on a Saturday, so I might make that, but they replaced it with Poison/Kiss. I can’t make the Poison/Kiss show even if I was interested – it’s the weekend of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, which we are absolutely not missing. I guess I’ll eBay the tix.

I think the package was still worth it, it also comes with a premier parking pass, which costs $20 each show. The Allman Brothers Band show hasn’t gone on sale yet, but the cost of the previous 5 shows plus parking equals the cost of the package. I’m seriously thinking about trying a season pass next year.