Settling In

So it’s 4PM on a Monday, and I’m about to start work. I got in this morning, started setting my two desktops up. My main one starts booting up, then dies. Same thing happens again. I leave it for Andy, computer/network guy (whom the powers that be have decided won’t be needed after this week – the guy up in Vancouver will support us down here. Sure.), who diagnoses bad power supply. I get my laptop going for a little while until he’s fixed it. The software build doesn’t work on the desktop, so I need to go back to the laptop. Finally everything’s working, but the server I pull data through is down. Then the phones crash. Everything’s supposed to be up again in a couple minutes.

Trip back from Vancouver was fine. I got to stop in Chicago again, which meant another fine cheesburger at Billy Goat (and a beer). Got in to National right on time, my bag was third on the belt, and Jill was waiting for me. We were both pretty tired (she had worked another five in a row), so we headed to bed.

Sauturday I had a myo appoinment in Bethesda I barely made it to. Jill went shoe shopping after I got back, and I made a taco salad to use up some of the abundance of lettuce we had after she went to the farmer’s market in Herndon. I also made a killer dip of black beans, leftover dip based on roasted pumpkin seeds, shredded cheese, and some habanero sauce (for a kick). She almost came back too late to get any of the dip. She was out after dinner as lack of sleep caught her; I caught up on magazines and paper and watched a Dave Matthews special and SNL.

Sunday we met up with my family in Old Town Alexandria at 219 Restaurant for Mother’s Day. I had the oysters benedict and the Red Snapper chowder. I didn’t think much of the chowder, but the oysters benedict was excellent. Afterwards, Jill and I stopped by Storehouse to order a bookcase (we’re way overflowing the others) that we’ll pick up next weekend, then hit Safeway to pick up groceries. They had a sale on ribeye steaks and lobster tails for Mother’s Day, so we decided to have both for dinner. And scallops wrapped in bacon (I was surprised that turkey bacon worked equally as well as regular bacon). We watched “Simpsons”, “Sopranos”, and “Deadwood” – though I don’t think Jill will be watching “Sopranos” anymore, more to the mental cruelty exhibited by Tony than the physical.