It’s true – after 10 years I’m wearing glasses again. I got LASIK in 2001 and enjoyed the results immensely, but it wasn’t meant to last forever. A couple months back I started getting eye strain more often than usual (an occupational hazard) and headaches, and it had been a couple years since my last eye exam. It confirmed my suspicions that my distance vision had faded somewhat, but it was nice that my close vision was fine.

The eye doctor was hosting my eye surgeon, so it was convenient to go in and get a consultation (since they had offered a lifetime guarantee). Two problems: first, the cut they made for LASIK meant that another operation would have to be with PRK (which means more pain and a longer healing time) and second, the operation would destroy my close vision.

So based with a decision that I’d need to get glasses no matter what, I went with no surgery and got glasses (and several pairs since now you can get really cheap and not-as-cheap-but-not-as-flimsy online). So far I’m only wearing them at concerts, watching TV and sometimes at the end of the day at work. When I previously wore glasses I wore them all the time – I’m not sure if I’ll do that yet.